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I get asked a lot if I ever put personal information or stories in my novels. Well, the answer to that is “of course”! I love putting personal touches in my writing. It makes it extra fun when friends and family notice and send me messages about it too.

So what is an example of this? Well, actually here are two.

In my novel, The Parking Space, Helen shares a story about her orange tabby cat named Charlie with Rick. Not only do I own a fat, orange tabby named Charlie, but the funny story Helen shares actually happened to my late cat Tuffy.

I still remember that night like it was yesterday. My husband and I laid in bed laughing for at least 30 minutes before going to look for him. So what’s the story?

“Is there anything cuter than a kitten?”

“I don’t think there is.” He picked up a Siamese colored one and cradled it in his hand. “How old was Charlie when you got him?”

“Seven or eight weeks.” Memories of my fat cat as a rambunctious kitten stirred in my mind. Times when he’d use my furniture as trees or go running through my kitchen, his claws slipping on the linoleum so badly he actually wouldn’t move an inch no matter how hard he tried.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

“What’s so funny?”

“I remember this one time I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep. Everything was dark, I mean pitch black, and I couldn’t see anything. I could hear Charlie running through the apartment. Up over the couch, through the living, through the dining room, I could hear his claws in the carpet. Finally, he ran into my bedroom and through the bathroom door. I heard him on the tile and then all of a sudden there was this huge splash.” I paused, clutching my chest, barely able to speak through my laughter. “I had forgotten to put the toilet seat lid down.”

“Oh no.” Rick slapped his hand over his mouth then jerked his head back with laughter.

“I couldn’t stop laughing and must have laid there for at least ten minutes before I went looking for him.”

“That’s hilarious.”

“It was. It really was. Gross. But so funny.”

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