Happy 12th Anniversary to Us! #anniversary #12thanniversary #marriage #wedding

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years.

We met in 2002 at my sister’s work birthday party at Claim Jumper. They worked together and her boss had invited me to the lunch they were having to celebrate.

He likes to tell the story that he’d been looking forward to the lunch that day because he wanted the ribs. Claim Jumper has some good ribs and is still to this day one of our favorite dishes to get when we go there for dinner. Of course, they don’t have one in our town, or even the state we live in, but when we go home from time to time we will go.

But back to my story, he was looking forward to getting the ribs, until I walked in and sat down. As soon as he saw me the ribs went out the window as he didn’t want to “look like a pig in front of me”.

We were both dating other people at the time, but later when I started working for the company too, we instantly formed a friendship. It wasn’t long after we both found ourselves single, and so we decided to go out on our first date.

And the rest is history . . .



8 Comments on “Happy 12th Anniversary to Us! #anniversary #12thanniversary #marriage #wedding

  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary Day. You said you met in 2012 but have been married for 12 years? Did you mean you met in 2002?

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