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Rayanne Haines grew up on a small horse ranch in Alberta. She spend most of her youth re-enacting scenes from Anne of Green Gables to attentive audiences that included pygmy goats and roan stallions. The horses were thrilled. Her father could never figure out why it took her three hours to clean the barn.

Her mother is an avid reader and instilled a love of literature in her at a young age. She has always been fascinated with learning people’s stories. She has a fondness for mountains and river and all the creatures that live within them. She believes in magic and the search for great love. She loves to write about strong women who will accept nothing less.

For more information on Raynne and her titles you can visit her WEBSITE or other social media.

When Alex Taleisin’s immortal DNA kicks in after a fight for her life against something not-quite-human in the YMCA parking lot, her Aunt finally lets her in on the family secret. They’re Immortal—Elementals to be precise. Only, Alex is a little something more, and until they discover what, her life is in danger.

Collum Thronus, Guardian of the Races and savage King of the Dragons has no choice but to protect Alex and find her father’s people. He made a promise and Collum always keeps his promises. Now, he needs to keep his hands off his charge.

Enter an insane grandfather, a shifter with a hidden agenda, and a witch with a shoe addiction and soon Alex is wishing for a quiet house in the hills with the dragon she’s falling for. But a battle is coming and Alex knows the only way to find answers is to trust her powers and become the warrior she is destined to be.

Alex smelled oranges. It was a strong and tangy scent. It smelled clean, healthy. She opened her eyes to find herself in a garden surrounded by citrus trees. The light was intense. A slight breeze wafted crisply, yet her body felt heavy. Alex tried to raise her hand to her face. Everything appeared clean and clear . . . except her. Alex was weighted. She knew her body remained on the plane while her soul traveled here, wherever here was.

“Hello, Alex, welcome home.”

She observed the man standing a few scant steps away. He was the blood pounding under her skin, hot and fluid. There was feline presence to him. She had the distinct impression that he belonged to her. He was easily as tall as Collum, but in place of Collum’s muscle there was a lean and composed strength. She sensed he harnessed a dormant savagery. His yellow eyes glowed with secrets she didn’t want to know.

“Where am I?”

“You are home, Alex. We are waiting for you to join us.”

Alex weaved, tried to steady her mind. “Who are you?”

He approached her with ease, a slight smirk on his lips. “I am Neeren.”

“Why am I here, Neeren?”

“In England, I’ll be coming for you. Your father’s people want you home. When you see me, come to me.”

“Who are you?” She shook her head, tried to clear the cobwebs. “I know you.”

He grinned. “You family awaits, Alex.” He reached his hand to her arm and laid his fingers lightly against her skin.

For a mere second, Alex became corporeal. He leaned in and stared directly into her eyes. A half-moon glowed inside his eyes. A jolt reverberated up her spine and tingling sensation flowed behind her retina.

Neeren gently kissed her forehead before stepping away. “Come willingly to me, Alex.”


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