How to share your Amazon buy link #writing #amwriting #romance #fantasy #paranormal

Wait . . . do you mean there is a right and wrong way to share my Amazon buy link?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Have you ever logged on to Author Central and noticed one of your novels was missing a review?

Well, besides a multitude of reasons (which never are explained by Amazon itself), it could be that you shared the wrong link. And when you do it wrong, you are sending the information to Amazon that YOU shared the link. A message that flags the reviews because then they believe you paid for them.

If I were to go onto Amazon right now and look up one of my titles, say A Road Paved in Copper, the link the address bar would look like this:

Now, if I were to go through my Author Central account to the book, then the link might look like this:

And here is where the problem is. Everything past the book code, B0713N8T3V, signals to Amazon that someone else looked up the book, meaning it was shared and that the particular person now coming to this page didn’t look the book up for themselves, but was sent there by someone.

Their first idea who? The author.

Warning! Warning! Warning! Red Alert! Red Alert! They’ve paid for a review. We must deny it!

So what is an author to do?

The link you should share is everything prior to the book code, plus the https://

That is your link and the safe link to share.

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