Change of Cover ~ As the Liquor Flows #sweetandspicyromance #romance #amreading #mobsters #historical

While I never thought I would do this, I can’t hold it off any longer. Of course, when I designed the cover for As the Liquor Flows I was beyond excited for it. It was my first cover, I loved it, and in honesty, I still do. However, I can’t deny my gut feeling that the image is not the cover it’s supposed to have any longer. So, with that in mind, I have designed a set of new covers. Hopefully, this one will be a better fit for the novel. There is a slight difference between the eBook and the Paperback, so I’m sharing them both.

Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the day the stock market crashed, and the day Evelyn Ford will never forget.

With the untimely death of her parents and the loss of their only income, Evelyn, and her brother, Frank flee to a make-shift hovel built in Central Park.

After Frank mysteriously goes missing, bare cupboards force Evelyn to seek employment anywhere she can find work, even if that means working at a burlesque theater.

Catching the attention of Don Vincent Giovanni, a Kingpin in the New York mafia, Evelyn discovers that Frank is serving time in prison for running hooch and he owes Vincent a lot of money. In order to pay off her brother’s debt, Evelyn is thrown into the world of mobsters and bootlegging.

Between running hooch all over the city of New York and trying to save her brother, Evelyn finds herself drawn to Max Catalano, Vincent’s Consigliere. Even with secrets of his own, he’s the only one she can trust when she entangles herself in the middle of the New York mafia crime wars.



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