How to Survive being an Author (Part Two) #writing #amwriting #author #romance

In PART ONE we covered: writer friends and having a thick skin.

So what’s in store for part two?

The first thing on the list is that authors need patience.

However exciting it is to finish that novel, you have to make sure the story is fully done before you submit to a publisher or find a freelance editor for self-publishing. However frustrating it is to read through the edits again, you have to give it just ONE MORE TIME. However exciting it is to buy the ISBN number, order the cover from the designer, and format the novel for publishing, you have to make sure you give yourself time. Time for last edits, time for a read through with a proofreader, and most importantly time for proper release promotion.


Life is about steps and publishing a book is no different. With each novel I’ve released, I’ve learned that in order to wake up the day after a release and feel like I’ve done everything right, I need to allow myself the time to be organized about it. If I don’t, it won’t ever live up to my expectations and I’ll just end up feeling like a failure full of regret.


And speaking of promoting a novel . . .

The next thing authors need to have is the ability to think outside of the box. And, no, I don’t mean in the way of having the imagination to write.

Writing is like giving yourself homework, really hard homework, every day, for the rest of your life. You want glamorous? Throw glitter at the computer screen. ~ Katrina Monroe

Of course, you know that to write a novel and to create people, worlds, events, conversations, problems, resolutions, and every single word in between in our stories, we need imagination and the mind to think outside of the norm. However, this “box” is geared more toward marketing and promotion.

Sharing is easy. Hosting giveaways is easy. Announcing sales is easy. Planning and hosting release parties is easy. But having a solid marketing plan that is months in advance so you can seize every opportunity to use those promotions to the best of your ability, THAT is thinking ahead and outside of the box.

How can you spread the word more than with just social media? What about blog tours? Paid ad sites? Free ad sites? How many sites can you coordinate to announce your sales weeks in advance? Are you making banners or having them made? Do you need a banner? What is a banner? How can you host the best giveaways that will work the most? Are some better than others? Do the prizes matter, and if so, which are more attractive? Furthermore, are there giveaways that are more creative that will attract even more attention?  How can you secure that your release parties will have more attendance?

You have to get creative. You have to think outside the box. You can’t just create the characters and their world, you have to market it too, and you have to do so in a way that turns heads. Because that is what it takes to sell books. The more heads turn, the more sales you’ll have.

Don’t forget to check out PART THREE!

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