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Review for Equine Express N.A. #horses #horse #horsetrailers #riding #equestrian

When we first moved to Oklahoma I never really thought about how to get my two horses, Honky and Buck, out here from Reno. I knew I had to get my horse trailer out here so it seemed like a no-brainer—bring them out myself, which we did. It wasn’t a bad trek across the 1600 miles it took, but it was tiring. Twenty-four hours non-stop, unless you count the 20 minutes we stopped every two hours to let them rest and get a drink.

Fast forward 10 years and once again we were faced with the task of bringing two more horses out. In all of our trips to visit the grandparents, my girls fell in love and developed serious bonds with two of my mother’s horses. So of course we decided to bring them back to Oklahoma where they could enjoy them everyday and the horses could live out their lives on my land.

And what a joy it has been, let me tell you. I have two happy kids and two happy horses. Well, actually, I have three happy horses as my horse Honky has been really missing having friends. Sure he has the mini horse, Thomas, but Thomas is an odd duck for a horse. He doesn’t need a herd to be happy.

With this decision, the question popped up again—how are we going to get them out? Would I drive my trailer back and just take them home? While that wasn’t a bad idea, one of the horses (cough, cough, Sunny, cough, cough) is a rather robust horse and while I do have a two horse slant horse trailer, the thought of squeezing him in with another horse seemed like nothing more than a bad idea.

The last thing I needed was any problems while driving across country alone with two kids.

So we decided to search out a hauling service. I put the word out that I was looking and through my horse connections I found Equine Express N.A. I have to admit that I was at first really scared for someone else to haul them out. So many times you hear these horror stories about horses who have arrived sick and die within days. Yikes!

From the moment I emailed for the quote to the moment they drove out of my driveway, though, the guys at Equine Express N.A. have been nothing but wonderful! Besides being completely professional, the trailer was amazing (we opted for the stall compartments to give them more room), and my horses arrived happy and healthy! The guys went above and beyond, even sending my girls a text message with selfies from the horses!

“XXXX & XXXX…. Guess who??? This is “SUNNY” and “COWBOY”.
We are in Dewey AZ at the moment picking up a new friend but we are on the way. Just wanted to let you know that we are doing great! We have been eating and drinking good and XXXX and XXXX have been giving us lots of loving….. Oh and horse cookies whoooHooo….. Yummy!We are sooooo excited to get there, cause we LOVE little girls, cause they give the bestest HUGS and KISSES ever!!!!!!! We can’t wait cause we know you are gonna love us and take good care of us. We like to be loved on and be brushed all over, have our manes and tails combed and even play dress up.😀
We heard you had a calendar and was marking down the days till we get there….. Well be sure and put a BIG star on tomorrow cause we will be there early. Ohhhhh and Darwin let us borrow his cell phone this morning so we could take some selfies for ya and send this text…. Sure hope you like em… Cause it was hard…. Have you ever tried texting with hooves😀, well it ain’t easy…. Next thing you know we’ll be trying to play the piano and video games hahaha. Well gotta run but we will see ya soon!!!
Oh…. PS… Don’t forget the horse cookies….

Love you lots… Your two new best friends!!!
“SUNNY” and “Cowboy”

For all my horse owning followers, if you ever find yourself in a position of needing a long haul horse hauling service, I totally recommend Equine Express N.A. Your horses will be well taken care of and will make it to their destination in excellent condition! You can either contact them through their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK page.


4 thoughts on “Review for Equine Express N.A. #horses #horse #horsetrailers #riding #equestrian

    1. They really were. They have also sent messages asking how the horses are doing and if they are still okay. And you wouldn’t believe the trailer that pulled into my yard. I would love a trailer like that. We paid the extra so the horses had a box stall. They arrived happy and healthy.

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