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Welcome to the Farm ~ Cowboy and Sunny #horses #horse #riding #farmlife

Well, they have finally arrived and have been enjoying the deep pasture grass ever since they stepped out of the trailer! I would like to introduce the two new Archers, Cowboy and Sunny!

In honor of their arrival, I thought I would giveaway one (1) ebook copy of my debut novel ~ A Woman on the Painted Horse!

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I had been searching for, oh I don’t know how long, for two horses that would be great for my daughters. Of course, wouldn’t you know that with my luck, they would be 1600 miles away in another state, but what is a several hundred miles compared to finding that bond?


Cowboy is a 17 year old Appaloosa gelding. He has a bum shoulder, but we think he will lose some of the stiffness being out on pasture where he can stretch his legs and walk around a lot. He was owned by a family with three young girls who used to ride him around my parents neighborhood every night . . . all three of them sitting on his back. He has one blue eye and loves all the attention he can get from my oldest.

Sunny is an 18 year old Halfinger gelding, and he is large for his breed. I mean really large. And wouldn’t you know that this huge boy has the biggest soft spot for my youngest, who is only 4 years old. He follows her around everywhere and just has to know what she’s doing.

The best part is when she rides him. I swear, she looks like she’s doing the splits. A long time ago he was a carriage horse up in Lake Tahoe for one of the ski resorts. In the summer people could rent him to ride the trails and in the winter they could rent him to pull a sleigh. He was then bought by a family with a little girl who, up until she decided she didn’t want to ride anymore, rode him all over the trails in Nevada.

Both horses love to go on trail rides and are perfect kids horses! I’m so happy to finally have them on Archer Farms!!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Farm ~ Cowboy and Sunny #horses #horse #riding #farmlife

  1. Very cool. I’ve been a horse maybe 3 times in my life. Being a city girl, I’m farm animal illiterate. LOL Some day you can come here and I’ll take you out for deep dish, and I’ll come there and ride one of your horses, with your daughters’ direction of course. 😉

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