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Happy Blogaversary! #blogging #mommyblogger #writing #amwriting

No matter how many years pass by, it’s hard to really stop and wrap my head around how long I’ve been writing and blogging. But I suppose it’s like that with everything in life, so why not that too?

We blink and our children go from swaddled infants to walking down an isle in their cap and gown to accept their high school diploma. Although I’m still several years from that moment, I can’t help but think that it will soon be upon me and I’ll be asking myself that familiar, often asked question: “Where did the time go?”

Living each day, doesn’t seem to feel like it passes quickly. Especially, when we come home from work, dragging our feet through the door, as we mutter, “it’s been a long week.” So why does it always feel time slips away from us? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter why or how, though. The point is, it does. While on a field trip to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, I turned to my friend and said, “You know, I only have eight more summers with my oldest. Then she’ll be off doing whatever it is she will do.” Eight. While I suppose that each year is still a year, already the past ten have flown by. Eight is even less.

I guess the only thing we can all do is hang on and enjoy the ride. Well, that, and make the most of every day, cherishing each hour, minute, even second that we have. Do what you can to make sure that when your head hits that pillow at night, you look back on the day and smile, knowing that you had a good day, even if parts of it were bad. Knowing that you took advantage of all that God had to offer in the moment He outstretched his hand.

So cheers to the last six years, I’ve had a wonderful time and have met some amazing people. I’m looking forward to many more to come! Happy Blogaversary to me!


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