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Today, I thought it would be fun to not only splash into summer, but splash into a little bit of history. I love writing historicals and love diving into research to create them. My latest novel, A Road Paved in Copper, was an especially interesting time period as I very loosely based my main character Ava off a real life woman in my home state.

Anyone who knows my dad knows he likes to tell stories. One afternoon while visiting my parents, he started telling me this story about the woman who founded a small town in Nevada that sits between Tonopah and Hawthorn called Mina. Her name was Ferminia Sarras.

After 1900 rich discovers in Tonopah and Goldfield transformed Nevada’s mining landscape. Investors scoured the state, hoping to cash in on the next bonanza, and Fermina’s claims attracted a lot of attention. She became a regional celebrity who paved the way for woman miners and was also nicknamed Nevada’s “Copper Queen” because of her talent for finding copper.

I think the best part of her life story was her travels to San Francisco. She spent her whole life not only mining, but traveling back and forth from the desert to the city, and the surrounding towns. Once she would gather large sums of money, she would ride to another town or the city and blow her fortune on fancy hotels, fine dining, and hoards of younger men. As soon as the money was gone, she would say, “I guess I better get back to the desert.” She’d return to her mines, don her overalls, and take to the hills again.

So as you can see, she was a great woman to inspire a strong female character. You can also read my latest review of A Road Paved in Copper at Romance4theBeach!

This female lead is a bad ass! LOVE her!!”  

“A particular feature of this novel which was rather clever was that it managed to twist your initial assumptions and expectations of both the main character, and even the setting of the book itself.”

“The ability of the author to provide us a glimpse into two such distinct worlds is truly commendable.”

“It all comes together though for an unbelievably intense ending that left me a mess of tears.”

Armed with her six-shooter, Ava De La Vega dips the pen into the inkwell and etches her name on the Esmeralda County tax record book. A formidable force, that’s what her peers have called her. The woman in a man’s world, what did she know of mining ore, silver, and copper? Plenty. And it’s this knowledge that makes her of the richest miners in Nevada in 1903.

Of course, it also makes her a target.

Traveling back and forth from Tonopah, Nevada and San Francisco, Ava spends her life digging up precious metals from the depths of mine shafts then blowing her money on the finer things in life. A woman who blazes the trail from the dirt and grime to the fanciest hotel rooms, the finest wines, the most decadent meals, and the company of attractive young men.

Unfortunately, for Ava, she doesn’t see Craig Harrison coming.

A miner from the snowy Klondike, Craig has traveled from the harsh Canadian mountains down to city streets of San Francisco. Not looking for work, he’s happy with the comfortable life away from the deep mines, the dirt, and the ever sought-after gold.

Unfortunately, for Craig, he doesn’t see Ava coming.

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7 thoughts on “Splash into Summer #Giveaway Blog Hop #sweetandspicyromance #romance #historical #amreading #Nevada

  1. I still haven’t finished the book I was reading before yours (sorry, it’s long LOL) but I don’t have As the Liquor Flows yet so that would be my choice 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I have not read The Woman on the Painted Horse and it looks really good and I love the cover.

    Judy Cox

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