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Welcome to my stop on the May I Suggest Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Stuck In Books!

For this stop on the hop, up for grabs is one $10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Just follow the Rafflecopter link to enter! And don’t forget to check out all the other amazing stops for even more fabulous prizes!

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Before I get into telling you about my latest release, though, I wanted to announce that voting is open for the 2017 RONE Awards with InD’Tale Magazine! Two of my novels, As the Liquor Flows and The Parking Space are up for awards this year and could use your votes!

If you already have a registered account with InD’tale Magazine to login and vote for As the Liquor Flows click HERE (May 8th – May 14th). Not registered, don’t worry, you can register today by clicking HERE. You have to have a registered account in order for your vote to count, and remember to CONFIRM your email after registering BEFORE you vote, otherwise it won’t count either. Please consider helping me out by voting for these wonderful novels!

Okay, now on more news . . .

My newest release, A Road Paved in Copper, comes out May 18, 2017! If you want to join in on the Online Release Party click on the purple button! For those not familiar with my release parties, they are well known for a day of FUN and FREE stuff, including two $15.00 Amazon Gift Cards! Seriously, I have people who talk about my parties for weeks after they end!

Armed with her six-shooter, Ava De La Vega dips the pen into the inkwell and etches her name on the Esmeralda County tax record book. A formidable force, that’s what her peers have called her. The woman in a man’s world, what did she know of mining ore, silver, and copper? Plenty. And it’s this knowledge that makes her of the richest miners in Nevada in 1903.

Of course, it also makes her a target.

Traveling back and forth from Tonopah, Nevada and San Francisco, Ava spends her life digging up precious metals from the depths of mine shafts then blowing her money on the finer things in life. A woman who blazes the trail from the dirt and grime to the fanciest hotel rooms, the finest wines, the most decadent meals, and the company of attractive young men.

Unfortunately, for Ava, she doesn’t see Craig Harrison coming.

A miner from the snowy Klondike, Craig has traveled from the harsh Canadian mountains down to city streets of San Francisco. Not looking for work, he’s happy with the comfortable life away from the deep mines, the dirt, and the ever sought-after gold.

Unfortunately, for Craig, he doesn’t see Ava coming.

Bound together by their growing passion and love, they must face Ava’s past and the claim jumpers that come with it, intent on taking everything she has, including her life, along the way.


Anger flared fire hot in Billy Jack’s eyes. The once brown color turned black and hollow, like that of the opening of a mineshaft deep under the earth. He spat chewing tobacco on the floor, nearly hitting the toe of my boot.

“I ain’t no lackey,” he growled.

“I suppose you can keep telling yourself that. Although, I have to warn you, your denial doesn’t negate its validity.”

His brow furrowed and his head jerked. “What did you call me?”

“You know, you really ought to read more often. Your lack of articulacy makes it far too easy for another to criticize you.”

As Billy Jack squared his shoulders and opened his mouth to rebuttal my insult, Mr. Benson ambled through the back door, carrying a couple of stacks of banded paper money.

“Here you are, Miss De La Vega.”

Flipping through the bills, I counted every one of them then tucked my fortune into my brassier. “Thank you.”

I spun around and strode for the door.

“That’s quite the expensive undergarment you have, Ava.” Billy Jack called after me with a slight chuckle in his breath. “Better hope you don’t go lo0sing it somewhere between here and your homestead.”

“In order to lose it, I’d have to take it off.” I opened the door, my body turned sideways as I glanced at him. “And that’s, certainly, not going to happen . . . at least not with you.”

“Well then you better hope no one takes it without your permission.”

I swiped my jacket open, exposing my holstered pistol. “You’re right, I hope they don’t. As I’ve said before, I hate wasting bullets and I hate having to bury bodies.”

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