9 thoughts on “Life without Facebook #mommyblogger #mom #writing #writerslife

  1. I get a lot of my news from Facebook as well. I follow a several newspapers from different corners of the world. I have found that it’s possible to block those – dare I say fake? – news pages that are often derogatory and/or inflammatory. That’s helped me a lot. Unfortunately, another thing that’s helped is unfollowing friends. I can still message them and get on their home page if I want contact, but I have no interest in seeing their rants.

  2. Yes, social media can overpower your personal, or rather your actual, real life. But it is essential sometimes, espacially if your career demands it. I’m trying to find a balance myself.

    1. Luckily, I’ve been able cut back to mainly author page stuff that I can manage on Hootsuite instead of actually going on Facebook. I’m really trying to keep it from taking too much time each day. It’s been rather nice without it.

  3. Wow, good for you! I’ve been off Facebook as much as possible lately, due to the negativity, but it’s next to impossible to ignore it entirely, especially as an author. Unfollowing the negative people definitely helps!

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