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Hello all you Lucky Leprechaun Blog Hoppers! Welcome to my stop on this wonderful blog hop hosted by Bookhounds!

Ah, the luck of the Irish, or so I hear all the time. While I’ve never been to Ireland, I’ve always wanted to go.

castle-in-irelandRich in history, “The Emerald Isle” has always been on my dream destination list. From the Cliffs of Moher to the Blarney Castle, known for its “Blarney Stone.” Tradition is that if the Blarney Stone is kissed, one will be blessed with great eloquence, better known as “the gift of the gab.” Yeah, because I need that, right?

I’d love to take in the Kilkenny, one of Ireland’s favorite tourist spots with its beautiful buildings, the Norman Castle, and the numerous festivals including the Arts Festival and Rhythm and Roots Festival. And of course, I’d love to visit Co. Donegal, a part of the country that is very traditional with plenty of low stone walls, thatched roof houses, rugged hills, cliffs and golden sand beaches. Aside from all those, I have an absolute love (and weakness for) the Irish brogue.

When I was developing Flynn O’Neil, the hero for In the Land of Gold, I just knew he was going to be an Irishman. It fit him and made him just jump off the page. He is still, by far, my favorite hero I’ve written. So today, I thought I’d share a scene between him and Cora from the novel.

SmallerCora Colton can’t believe she even doubts saying yes to Christopher Payton’s proposal. From a good family, wealthy, and charming, Christopher is perfect for her. However, seeing his band of gold and diamonds, she hesitates. Something is missing, something is wrong, but she just doesn’t know what that something is.

After her father’s sudden death, Cora travels to Tacoma and learns that she is now the owner of his gold claim in Dawson City, Canada. Throwing caution to the wind, she leaves her engagement ring on the table, and departs for Canada and the adventure of a lifetime.

Arriving in the canvas tent town of Skagway on the Klondike trail, Coral catches the attention of Flynn O’Neill, an Irishman who has lived on the trail, guiding stampeeders for a few years. A bond thrusts them together, but their pasts could be what tears them apart—if they can survive the hardships and death on the trail to the land of gold.


As the blanket loosened around my shoulders, the cooler air tickled my skin, relaxing my tension.

Flynn cleared his throat.

Catching his eye, he nodded, cleared his throat once more, and looked away. I glanced down. Horrified embarrassment twisted in my stomach as I noticed the blanket had slipped a little too far, exposing my bare chest.

Oh, dear Lord.

I jerked the blanket back up to my neck with my sweaty hands, silently cursing under my breath.

Hiding his smile as best he could, though it was obvious, Flynn fetched my mud caked clothes from my arms and tossed them into a shallow section of the pool. “I’ll get these cleaned, yeh just worry about yourself.”

He skinned out of his shirt with one swift movement. My eyes darted away, fixating on the ground instead his perfectly chiseled chest, his broad shoulders, and muscled arms that had carried me over difficult parts of the trail.

Butterflies in my stomach fluttered wildly, mocking me, that I couldn’t ignore them no matter how hard I tried. Too many times, I had thought of his warmth, thought about what his body looked like under his flannel shirts, and finally seeing him only confirmed that my imagination hadn’t done him justice.

“Yeh can take the pool up there.” He stepped closer and pointed toward a rock on the side of the waterfall.

I followed his aim, but out of the corner of my eye, traced each and every muscle in his outstretched arm. Knowing now what would be wrapped around me, should he ever have to carry me again, stole rational thought. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

“And, I’ll be down here.” He leaned closer to me, his lips inches from my ear as he whispered. “And, don’t be gettin’ any ideas, Cora. I’m a gentleman, after all.” The twinkle in his eye gave way to his tease, and he let go of his pants, letting them fall to the ground.

I gasped, spun on my heel, and fled upriver.

“No offense, Cora, but yeh really need ta have some fun in life.”

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