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untitled2Have you ever had more than one dream for your life? Whether for your job or for your family or for your the daily grind?

What do I mean?

Well, let me explain.

For the last, oh I don’t know, five or six years, I’ve been dreaming of nothing but the homestead life. You know, growing my own food in a giant garden, owning a bunch of chickens—both for eggs and meat—and owning a cow.

Of course, while I’d love to live out this dream in Alaska, I would be fine with staying in Oklahoma (For now, I suppose, although I’d still love to live in Alaska one day.). Basically, though, I’m into anything that would allow our family to be more self sufficient. Of course, we would still go to a grocery store for whatnots like paper products and such, but you get the jest.

So far, it’s pretty much been a failure since I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t grow anything in my garden, all of our chickens, with the exception of one, were eaten by something, and I have yet to save up enough money for a cow. However, through all the set backs I kept focused on the road ahead and I’m hoping to turn some of them around in 2017.

“We will get it one of these days!” I say, shaking a fist in the air.

And then it happened.

I caught wind of a new trend that is building in popularity. Or maybe it’s just always been popular and I’m just now hearing about it, because, oh I don’t know, I live in a bubble? I mean, I am kind of a hermit, so . . .

untitled1Anyway, so what is this trend?

Living life in an RV and driving around the country, whether it’s for just a few years or for the rest of your lives.

Although, I don’t know how long we would live like that, seeing the whole country and taking the children on such an adventure is a dream that has been simmering in my mind. It’s growing every day and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t looked into the details and financials of the endeavor.

Say what?

Do you really think a) that would be fun and b) you could do that? With kids?

“Yes, definitely yes!” We would sell the house, buy a RV, and travel around the country for as long as it took to see everything.

Everything as in?

EVERY THING. Every state, every town, every museum, every state park, every attraction . . . everything. We would hike, bike, camp, and RV our way across every state in the United States. Plus of course, eat. Even if that took years.


Yes, five, ten, fifteen, until the girls desire to go to college somewhere or put down roots in whatever state they wish to live in. And even then, if we haven’t seen it all, then the hubs and I would continue on.

While I’m not sure what the kids would think about it, growing up on the road, I’m sure they would miss their friends and family. However, I’ve heard that there are families all over this country who do this very thing. Whether they travel together or travel alone and meet up in different states, they form their own friendships. Not to mention, meeting up with family and friends that we have now for vacations would be easy.

But socializing aside, the educational side of a trip like this would be like no other. I would love for my kids to grow up visiting all the national parks and historical sites. And of course, with all of that, I’d love to blog about and build a whole website around the adventure. Sharing pictures along with places to eat and things to do in every city or town of every state.

I think the experience would be amazing, so with this idea, I thought it would be fun to start collecting the travel guides for each state (I can only imagine how many FBI lists I’m now on after making all those requests in a matter of two days. Ha ha!). Not only has it been fun to look through them and plan possible vacations, but I’ve actually started to compile lists of different places to visit in a few of the states. I even created a website to house all this information, called The Best Road Trip Ever. Even if it’s just a dream and we never do it, at least the information is there for people.

untitled4So if it’s such a great dream why not just do it?

Well, in order to actual venture out on this endeavor, we kind of need an income while on the road. Meaning someone has to work, and since we’d be on the road everyday of the week, the someone would have to be me . . . say in the form of royalties from my novels.

HA! Royalties . . . what are those? Needless to say, until the novels start bringing home the bacon, we are stuck in one place.

Maybe one day the circumstances will change, but if it doesn’t, we could always do week long trips or something.


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