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January Book Review ~ Whit’s End by L.R. Virelli #amreading #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #familysaga

wecover9titleL. Virelli takes the reader on a deeply emotional journey in her character driven novel about the Whitaker family.

Ava and Meg are married to the dysfunctional Whitaker brothers who neglect their wives needs. Starving for affection, the women meet other men who can satisfy their hunger. Unlike their husbands, these other men support their goals and dreams, giving them the understanding they long for. Still, the women have strong family bonds and believe in the sanctity of marriage.

They struggle with how to fill their empty lives and toil over whether or not to fall into the arms of another. One chooses to work harder on her marriage. The other opts to have an affair. Both choices bring even more difficulties they never expect.

Emotions run high as family bonds shatter and friendships suffer. Forced to dig deep within to face ugly truths, Ava and Meg grow in ways they didn’t know possible.

amazonThis novel brings a new perspective to the question of morality and will have readers feeling the gamut of emotions.

My Review ~

Spanning over a period of over 20 years, Whit’s End, allows the reader to dive into the lifetime of one family. Emotions run high page after page, leaving you turning them as fast as you can read them. Who will work on her marriage? And who will have the affair? I have to say that I wasn’t expecting who did what.

This was the first book I’ve read that is a family saga spanning over decades. Ms. Virelli did an amazing job taking you through each part of the story over a timeline that the reader can follow with ease and without any confusion. Each of the characters are well developed and stay true to themselves throughout the whole novel.

Reading Whit’s End will give you a nice slice in a the lives of one family that by the end will feel like an extension of your own. The writing is clean, without errors, and flows nicely on the page, and the romance is behind closed doors without much detail (which I love).

I give the novel 5 Hearts! thTW4D55S7



4 thoughts on “January Book Review ~ Whit’s End by L.R. Virelli #amreading #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #familysaga

  1. Thank you, Angela. For spreading the word, and for your kind words about the novel. You know your stuff with writing, and I’m honored that you enjoyed mine. 😀

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