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Archer Homestead Announcements for 2017! #homstead #homesteading #gardening #garden #cow

short-life-changing-quotesWith my writing announcements made this past Monday, I thought I’d take a moment to announce my plans for the Archer Homestead in 2017.

We took the year off last year to get better organized with our homestead plans. Of course, since most of the year flew by (Seriously, where did 2016 go?), we didn’t get as much done as we wanted. So with that in mind, in these next few months before we start the early spring planting—potatoes, onions, and garlic—we’re going to get in gear.

For the garden this year we are going to try raised beds. However, with the potatoes, I’ve decided to use buckets. I’m a bit worried that doing this will limit the amount of food I can grow, but until we can get an area plowed, tilled, treated for grub worms, and completely fenced, it’s where we are starting with. I can still grow what we eat the most. Wish me luck on building all these raised boxes!

This year we’re also going to finally purchase our family milk cow, which should be doing sometime in March or April. I’m so excited and I’m ready for fresh milk, cream, and homemade cheese and yogurt. I don’t know if we’ll find one with a calf, but if we don’t, we plan on buying a bottle calf to raise for meat this year.

Lastly for the farm, while we didn’t get the chickens going this year, next year we’ve got set up for at least twenty layers. I’d love to also get meat birds, but the thought of processing them . . . let’s just say that I don’t think I could do it. With more birds, I also have plans to build a fodder system for their food instead of just feeding bagged chicken scratch.

As for homeschool, I’m planning on diving more into research for curriculum this year and starting fresh with a new system. What we’ve been trying is working, but not greatly. My fingers are crossed that one year I actually get it totally right.

That’s about it for the announcements now. I can’t wait to share all our adventures with you. Happy New Year, everyone!


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