Adventures in Writing a Novel

My Mantle is Complete #writing #romance #historicalromance #paranormal #author #amwriting #chicklit

kshdfkshdWith When the Black Roses Grow finally in paperback and the release of The Parking Space, I can finally put all of my novels on my mantel.

To say it’s not a moment that I’ve enjoyed immensely and have been waiting for since December 2015 would be a lie.

ldihfgdlkfhdOf course, when I first started out in this crazy adventure called a career, seven years ago (since September 17, 2009) I thought about the day I’d have more than one novel.

With those thoughts, though, I also reminded myself that in order to have several, I had to have the first.

What a long four years that was.

And what a quick three years it has been since.

It’s not all been roses and rainbows. But even with those hard, banging my head into a wall moments, I wouldn’t change any of it.

Don’t forget that my novel, When the Black Roses Grow, was chosen for Books and Benches December Cover Contest! If you haven’t done so yet, please stop on by and vote! Thank you so much!



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