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With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I thought I’d share some tips on picking the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Fresh or Frozen: The Battle of the Thanksgiving Bird

Are you a fresh only person?

Or have you grown up on frozen and wouldn’t ever dream of buying and cooking anything else?

Perhaps you are looking for something new and different?

Sitting every so regally, and looking delicious, in the middle of your decorated table, your Thanksgiving turkey is the cornerstone of your holiday meal, and with this pressure comes the hard choice of deciding upon buying a fresh or frozen bird.

Is one better than the other? Will one make your dinner unforgettable, providing you with the perfect meal that will be the hit of any family gathering?

HEALTH ~ Fresh turkeys tend to be free-range or organic and are allowed to roam free and eat natural foods such as grass and bugs. Along with their freedom, fresh turkeys are most likely antibiotic free, and because they are killed, processed, chilled, and solid quickly to ensure freshness, fresh birds have to be ordered and purchased just a few days before cooking.

Frozen turkeys, while not allowed to roam free, are generally raised in a barn and given a diet of mostly corn. They are also given antibiotics to increase their weight. Upon being killed, they are flash frozen and as longs as they are kept frozen can be stored in your freezer for a long time.

TASTE ~ Because of the diet of natural grass and bugs, most chefs and cooking experts will describe the taste of a fresh turkey as being more “gamey” than it’s frozen counter-part. Whether or not you want this type of taste and texture is up to you; however, if you’ve grown up and grown accustomed to the taste of frozen, when to comes time to singing your teeth into first bite, you might not like the differences.

COST ~ Are you looking to save money on your dinner this year? Or are you willing to splurge, throwing cost out the window for the perfect meal? Depending on your answer, cost might be a deciding factor. Frozen birds tend to cost less when compared to fresh. A ten pound frozen bird will cost an average of $16-$17 dollars or on average $1.66 per pound, where as a fresh turkey can reach a whopping $4.49 a pound.

thg75cu7t9CONVENIENCE ~ Frozen turkeys can be purchased weeks in advance and stored conveniently in your freezer until needed. Because of this, they are easily available and can be purchased from any grocery store in the country. Fresh turkeys require a little work when ordering. They should not be purchased or shipped more than a day or two before cooking and must be kept in the coldest portion of your refrigerator for proper storage. Any length of time beyond three days and the meat is unsafe to eat and your expensive bird would fly out the door.

Bottom line, when it comes to the competition between a fresh or a frozen bird, both sides are pretty much neck and neck . . . or should I say, gizzard to gizzard.

So what is going to be on your table this Thanksgiving? Comment below for an entry in the $10 Amazon Gift Card I’m giving away for this blog hop.

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70 thoughts on “Gratitude Giveaway Fresh vs Frozen: The Battle of the Bird #sweetandspicyromance #giveaway #bookhounds #Thanksgiving #Thanksgivingdinner #turkey

  1. My favorite bird cooking style is deep fried. We have only done it a couple of times but it is the best tasting turkey I’ve ever had.

  2. Well, I guess as I think about it (since i’m still not the one who actually buys/cooks it), I guess I always remembered it as frozen. Perhaps because that way we can hold onto it for longer than I imagine the fresh can last, meaning it needs to be cooked sooner rather than later.

  3. I’m not sure it’s my favorite cooking style, but I am curious about cooking the bird with a beer can or cola can and the bird positioned just so….

  4. The Gratitude Giveaway is only supposed to have one or two entries per the Hop rules: “No asking them to do extra things for extra entries and no asking them to follow you multiple ways.” “you are allowed to require people to follow you 1 way to enter plus an easy entry.” The rules are listed on the hop signup page at:
    You need to change your giveaway so it complies with the rules. Thank you.

  5. Nothing fancy about my bird cooking, I do love to season her up with seasoning and butter, make sure she is stuffed with my delicious! stuffing and I often pt a couple of onions on the outside but in the pan with the turkey, I just find it helps to make sure my bird do’t burn..

  6. I really like smoked turkey and Jerk Turkey (its a spicy Jamaican seasoning blend). I’ve never had friend turkey, but I’ve heard its delicious.

    1. Wow. Jerk turkey? I would think that would be amazing. And I’ve never tried smoked. That might be interesting too. We hope to build a smoker this year. Perhaps this will be another reason to get it done. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. With so many people, family and friends alike, we always do three meats – turkey, of course, but this year we also had ham and penin (I’m not sure about the spelling, but it’s pork shoulder slow-roasted and delicious)

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