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Happy Halloween! #happyhalloween #allhallowseve #mom #mommy #candy

halloween1024x768Ah the start of the Holiday season . . . Halloween!

While most people consider the season to only include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I include Halloween.

I love Trick or Treating with my kids. Watching them have a blast as they collect tons of candy that I will later regret having them collect.

Sugar and my kids, don’t mix well. It hits their bloodstream within seconds and they run around crazy for hours.

Even with the trouble candy can cause, though, I still enjoy the holiday and can’t wait to get to the festivities later tonight.

For those who are heading out, stay safe, have fun, and good luck on the hordes of candy coming your way!

Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! #happyhalloween #allhallowseve #mom #mommy #candy

  1. I’m glad you appreciate it, Angela. This is one holiday I missed having kids for. Now that I moved back to Illinois, I get to go have fun with my nephews tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your family.

    1. I hope you had fun with your nephews! It is fun to watch them dress up and get all excited. Brings back memories of my own Trick or Treating days. However, I could do without the sugar infused children for the several weeks that it takes to get through all the candy. One piece and my kids are both bouncing off the walls. Drives me crazy. LOL

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