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lbiopic6mI enjoy reading and writing fiction about characters we can relate to and the drama that is created from emotional reactions.

Human behavior fascinates me. When opportunities for growth arise, do we recognize them? When we do, the outcomes can be inspirational.

I grew up in the Midwest and write about maddening and humorous family dysfunction in my memoir anthology, Home Avenue. Come and join the discussion on my blog about life, pets and philosophy at “Lori’s Lane“.

amazontwitterfacebookI’m honored that Angela is featuring me today on her blog to tell you about the Kindle Scout campaign for my novel, Whit’s End. It’s a contemporary women’s fiction novel with family drama. Whit’s End shows typical family dysfunction, and how it leads two women to look for happiness outside of their marriages. I’d greatly appreciate a vote for my novel. Just go to the LINK and click NOMINATE ME. I look forward to discussing the book after it’s published and listening to what readers think of these women’s choices.

wecover9titleTwo unhappily married women starving for affection from their husbands meet other men who can satisfy their hunger.

Ava and Meg are married to the dysfunctional Whitaker brothers. Should they compromise their deep-rooted family values and moral integrity?

One chooses to work harder on her marriage. The other opts to have an affair. Family bonds shatter. Friendships suffer. Forced to dig deep within to face ugly truths, Ava and Meg grow in ways they didn’t know possible.

Whit’s End
Ava Whitaker
The letters on the computer screen blurred, mimicking the whirling haze inAva’s mind.
How did a simple work project lead to such intrigue over a man she only met online? Now, he wanted to meet her in person. Why not? He knew she was married and swore he just wanted to be friends. Coffee shops were public places, so she didn’t need to fear being attacked. But, did she really fear an attack or the attraction between them?
Sitting on the sofa with the computer on her lap, Ava shook her head and snickered at herself. Silly of her to imagine he felt the same enticement as she did for him. His words had caught her attention at first, but then his photo…
Oh dear. Her resistance weakened at the memory of his shadowy beard punctuating a bright smile with a dimple in his right cheek. A Keith Urban haircut and tight T-shirt added to the rogue appeal.
She grinned, her insides tickling over the prospect of actually seeing him in the flesh. She hadn’t reacted like this to a man in years—that bad boy image drew her like a magnet.
A heavy exhale blew through Ava’s lips. Why, oh why did her boss, the congressman, have to assign her to read the political discussion board where she’d met up with the enigmatic man? Before even laying eyes on his picture, he hooked her with his intellectual words. She loved a good debate, and apparently he did too, as he showed enormous interest in her own points of view. He said she opened his mind to new perspectives, and he enjoyed how she made him laugh. Friendly compliments, or flirting? Either way, the adulation felt good, because she certainly didn’t get any from her husband.
61zomu2iwelIf you’d like to get to know my writing, you can check out my memoir anthology, Home Avenue. It’s a quick, fun and inspiring read.
A trip to Italy with seven women from the same dysfunctional family, an Italian woman who can’t cook, a haunted house and a football hero. Four humorous and inspirational stories about dysfunctional family issues.
L.Virelli takes you on journeys with her Italian-American family, to her diverse neighborhood and connecting with loved ones through food and sports.
On Sale Now for $.99

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  2. Thank you for featuring my Kindle Scout campaign today, Angela. Your help and confidence in me has been immeasurable.

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