The Beauty of Fall #Halloween #Thanksgiving #Christmas #Fall #Autumn #Harvest

p677942578-3It’s been no secret on this blog that October, November, and December are my favorite months of the year.

Fall, Autumn, Harvest—what every you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all my favorite.

As I’ve said before from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, the holiday season is just such a special time of year.

It’s a time to cozy up in your house, eat delicious stews and soups that are too hot for the Summer, wear fuzzy socks and thick warm robes in the morning while you sip your coffee and watch the sun rise.

Nature-Landscapes-Hd-Wallpaper-For-Autumn-FallsKids dress up for trick or treating. Families get together to give thanks over a large meal. Dazzling red, green, blue, and yellow lights light up houses and trees all over neighborhoods, and we celebrate with the ones we love as the old year becomes a memory that fades into the hopes and dreams for a whole New Year.

Yes, it’s just a magical few months.

And, not to mention, utterly beautiful.

I just love this time of year.

P.S. With Halloween coming up, don’t forget my tips on saving money on the scariest of scary holidays. Happy Saving!




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