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Time to go home . . . #harrypotter #Hogwarts #platform93/4 #hogwartsexpress

10646642_10206023601142411_7637460303203553689_nI came in late to the world of Harry Potter. While the first book published in September 1998, I hadn’t heard much about them until the first move hit the big screen.

At the time, I just thought it was a kids movie, and with everything going on in my life then, brushed it off as something I knew I wasn’t even remotely interested in.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I remember the fateful day I officially became obsessed. Perhaps that is a strong word, as I’m not one of those that stood in line at midnight for either the books or movie tickets, but I do have them all, I did see all the movies, and have them all on DVD. I still like to watch them, and am trying my hardest to get my oldest child into them. It’s not quite working, yet, but I think that’s because she’s still a little too young.

But, back to my point.

thIDPLZR9CI was living alone and single at the time of my introduction into the magical world of Hogwarts. With my income limited to just my own, cable was like a delicious luxury that my little single income just couldn’t afford. You know, those fun days of young adulthood where your breakfast, lunch, and dinner consist of Romen noddles and you roll pennies for gas?

I had come down with the flu—one of the rare times so far in my life—and while the thought of laying on my couch and enjoying another Friends DVD marathon sounded good, I just needed something different. Not to mention, I needed more medicine.

My cabin wasn’t far from my parents house, less than mile away, in fact, and was just down the street and around the corner. Wrapping myself up, I ventured down to curl up on their couch with the excitement of cable TV humming through my fuzzy head.

Little did I know that there would be nothing, I mean NOTHING, on TV that day. Nothing except Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on HBO. After arguing with myself, and combing all the other channels, I gave in and decided, “Oh what the heck, if it’s bad, I’ll just go home.”

Five minutes in, I was totally addicted and plotting how I could somehow drive into town to rent the first movie on video (yes, we still had video rental places back then).

Thanks to HBO, I watched the movie three times that day and the next day, I was able to watch the first.

Needless to say, I was hooked ever since. And my favorite character is Sirius Black. I was heartbroken when he died.



2 thoughts on “Time to go home . . . #harrypotter #Hogwarts #platform93/4 #hogwartsexpress

  1. Oh great, thanks for the spoiler. Giggle. Have only seen a couple of the movies. I know, I should’ve seen them all by now. I wasn’t as engrossed by them, but will probably see them all eventually.

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