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Welcome Becky Padilla! #amreading #mystery #thriller #suspense #author #writing

514G9qAmysL._UX250_Becky Padilla was born in Texas but lived the “Army brat” life after her father left the Air Force. She has lived in California, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado and Michigan, and has visited many of the states in between.

Maybe being pulled up from homes and friends is what spurred her desire to start writing at an early age about people and places with happy endings. Or maybe it was her active dreams that began around the same time. However, she began filling spiral journals (since this was before blogging options were available), and now she blogs, is a contributing writer for, and does contract writing and editing for a living. She is finally able to use her weird dreams for good.

Always having a penchant for action and humor and “weird”, her newest character, Veronica Pearl, is a law enforcement officer and a dream intercessor. Becky’s first novel, Manifestation, came out in May and she is working furiously on the second book in the series, Revelation, due out in September.


Life is crazy. It’s crazier when you’re Veronica Pearl. By day, a Special Investigative Consultant for the Southwest Region of Texas, a contractor with the government and various law enforcement agencies, she tackles dangerous situations to get the bad guys. By night, a dream warrior who battles scary, stinky, evil demons on behalf of others. Sometimes the demons represent real people and real situations.

Most of the time, they simply like to fight.

Now the physical injuries Veronica receives in her dream battles have started manifesting for real, something that has never ever happened to her before, and that freaks her out more than a little bit. On top of that, there is credible evidence of coordinated terrorist attacks around the world, including in her region, more specifically in San Antonio.

It’s also the start of Fiesta, the annual event that brings hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals downtown to party! What’s a girl to do when she has dedicated her life to protecting and helping others and now she needs help?

Maybe allow herself to receive some.


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