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I don’t know how many of you are like me, but when it comes to all the destinations I’d love to travel to before I die, I not only have a list in my head, but a list on paper. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, or maybe, it’s just that I like to live in the dream, but seeing them in print, or even pictures on the internet just sort of relaxes me.

I imagine myself at these places, and while I guess that should sadden me, it doesn’t. What does sadden me is the ever-growing problems arising all over the world, traveling outside of the United States has lost it’s luster with me. Perhaps, I’m paranoid and foolish, but it’s how I feel. Hopefully, one day things will calm down and thoughts of other countries won’t seem so unnerving.

So what are my top 10 “Dream Vacation Destinations”?

bora-boraBora Bora

Who wouldn’t want to visit the turquoise lagoons, soft white sands, and deep tangerine sunsets set the scene for romance of an island so nice they named it twice?

From mingling with tropical fish as you flutter around Coral Gardens or Tupitipiti Point, to snorkeling around the once-volcanic Mount Otemanu the list of activities are endless.

And definitely on the list is a stop at the Lagoonarium  to feed sharks and swim with turtles. Cap it all off with a succulent meal at one of the island’s fine French restaurants, then sip a tropical cocktail under the stars and you have one of the most perfect vacations.


Rich in history, “The Emerald Isle” has always peaked on my dream destination. Aside from the Cliffs of Moher, I would like to visit the Blarney Castle, known for its “Blarney Stone.” Tradition is that if the Blarney Stone is kissed, one will be blessed with great eloquence, better known as “the gift of the gab.”

Yeah, because I need that, right?

To take in the Kilkenny, one of Ireland’s favorite tourist spots with its beautiful buildings, the Norman Castle, and the numerous festivals including the Arts Festival and Rhythm and Roots Festival would, certainly, be an amazing experience, too. As well as visiting Co. Donegal, a part of the country that is very traditional with plenty of low stone walls, thatched roof houses, rugged hills, cliffs and golden sand beaches.


“Aye, Sassenach.” ~ Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

Long before my addiction to Outlander (both TV and the fiction novels) and just as rich in culture and history as Ireland, Scotland has always been high on my list of places.

From the castles to natural reserves to ruins to museums, I want to see it all–especially Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Add on Iverness, Stirling, Edinburgh, castles, museums, historical sites, and I have one exciting destination.


Between the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, the Daintree Rainforest, the Great Ocean Walk, Australia has been up there on my list. Not to mention, a visit to the Zoo that is owned and operated by the Irwin family.

I watched Steve Irwin’s show, The Crocodile Hunter all the time when it was on, and was thrilled with Bindi won Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, seeing Sydney would be fun, but for me, Australia is more about the animals and the nature of the outback instead of the big cities.

thYK5RZFXGNew Zealand

Just like Australia, New Zealand has always piqued my interest. I’ve always thought of the island as being a very active place to visit.

Hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, it seems like the New Zealanders are always doing something.

You can also go on whale and dolphin watching tours, and of course, any fan of Lord of the Rings, can take tours of the “Home of the Middle Earth” from Hobbiton Movie Set to Waitomo Caves to the Mangaotaki Rocks. While I’m not a total movie buff, seeing those places would be an amazing experience.


While it’s been no secret that I’d actually like to move to Alaska, I know deep down, that probably will never happen. However, I can’t say that I won’t ever at least visit the beautiful state. Because that, I know, will happen.

From taking in the sight of Mt. McKinley while touring through the lush Denali National Park, to whale watching near Prince William Sound, to ATVing and driving through the backcountry, Alaska is definitely for the adventurer.

Not to mention, one of my items on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights. Out of all the places in this list, Alaska will probably be the first I will visit. Not necessarily because it’s my number one destination, but because it’s the closest.


Being nearly full German, it’s not a surprise that I’d want to visit the country that all sets of my grandparents fled in their youth. Of course, while I’m not too interested in eating much of the food, that is far from a deal breaker, when placing such stunning countryside on my list.

Not to mention, vising during the ‘Frankfurter Buchmesse’, the largest book fair in the world with nearly 7,500 participating exhibitors representing 110 countries. This book fair dates back to 1476, shortly after the mechanical movable type got invented by Gutenberg in the nearby Mainz.  The Frankfurt Book Fair with its incredible array of colors is a veritable spectacle for the eyes and a real treat for book lovers from the world over. It is also an important venue for negotiating book-related business deals such as licensing fees and international publishing rights.

Can you say “perfect” for me?


“I am having a relationship with my pizza.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

While, certainly, seeing the historical sites, castles, medieval villages, and beautiful churches are what make visiting Italy a top on my list, I have to admit that my desire to visit the country has more to do with the food.

Ah, the food.

Costal towns like Positano to the rolling green hills and pink villas of Tuscany to the museums of Florence to the water streets of Venice, touring Italy is probably one of the top five places.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of visiting England is going to see the Buckingham Palace; however, with that said, there are several other historical landmarks I’d also love to see before I meet my maker.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Hadrians Wall, The Palace at Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, The London Bridge, you name it and I just want to see it. Even if it’s just once.

Between the food, cultural treasures, peaceful gardens, and historical places, whether it’s the city of London or just the English countryside, visiting England is, certainly, on my list.


I have to say that Greek Mythology has always interested me. Between the Gods and the creatures, each story plays on fantasy that I could only dream to have the imagination for.

Add in the teal waters, beautiful beaches, and all the museums and temples, and Greece is one of my top 10 places I’d love to visit.



11 thoughts on “Dream Vacation Destinations #travel #traveling #borabora #England #Ireland #Scotland #Greece

  1. Very nice list…with a lot of history in them. Bora Bora is definitely on most people’s dream vacations to go to. My brother-in-law got married in Alaska on a glacier was a great experience for them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure Alaska will be the first (and perhaps the only) we will end up visiting. I’ve priced out Bora Bora vacation and, wow, holy expensive, batman! I’m hoping to plan for Alaska for next summer, though. We shall see. I’m a bit scared to go up there because I think once I’m there, I won’t want to come home.

  2. A great list. I’ve been to a few of these, and trust me that not everywhere outside the US is dangerous 🙂 I do know how you feel, which is why I also hesitate when picking destinations.

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