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Just rip out their ovaries?? #horses #wildhorses #animals #animallivesmatter

The video is disturbing. The video is shocking. The video is one I never thought I’d ever see or thought would be made. Mainly, for the reason, that I never believed one would perform such a horrific travesty to animal.

And, yet, the folks at Oregon State University are.


Because our government is telling them to do so. Because our government is paying them do so. And because we, as Americans, are refusing to stop them.

Instead we turn a blind eye.

And in ignoring it, we are allowing a widely controversial genital mutilation procedure of a wild animal without proper sedation, a sanitary facility, or the sterile environment afterward needed for the mare to heal without infection or complications such as hemorrhaging to death.

th6TVNBFYJEven if these mares survive unscathed, the family structure of a herd will collapse. Disrupting the balance between the stallions and non-spayed mares will leave families broken, and spayed mares left without protection or a herd.

For those too weak to watch this video, and I know there will be many, allow me to at least describe the ovariectomy via colpotomy procedure that OSU and BLM plan to carry out. While confined and restrained, a veterinarian cuts into a mare’s vaginal wall, places his hand and arm through the vagina in the abdominal cavity, manually (and blindly) locates the ovaries and then severs them with a rod-like chain tool called an ecraseur and rips them out.

This is not a normal spaying of an animal like a cat or dog in a veterinarian’s office with love and care for the animal’s well-being.

This is painful. This is traumatizing. This is brutal. This is done in the most cost efficient way, which is far from a humane way.

And it could have horrible consequences.

I know that seeing these types of videos or reading these types of articles can make someone feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s so uncomfortable that people would just rather ignore it. But, ignoring the problem isn’t going to make to away. Ignoring the problem isn’t going to save an animal from pain. Ignoring the problem isn’t going to save a life.

While you might feel more comfortable not watching it, that doesn’t change the fact that these animals are suffering under our governments’ watch. I know it’s easy to turn away from this because you aren’t the one in pain. You aren’t the one standing in this trap, not knowing anything that is going on because you know nothing of humans.

pielstick-7You aren’t the one getting your insides ripped out of your body.

The BLM would like for you to believe that there is a problem and horses are it. The BLM would like for you to believe that the horses are so overpopulated right now it runs the risk of ruining all the desert land of the ten states they run on. The BLM would like for you to believe that sending them off to slaughter and ripping out their ovaries is necessary for the horses health and well-being because without these crimes against them they would starve to death.

As far as the numbers of horses on the range today, I’ve seen conflicting reports, even from the BLM. In some of the articles from the agency I’ve seen the numbers 32,000 on the range, while in others I’ve seen 47,000, 57,000, and 37,300.

Whether the general public will ever know the truth, I don’t know. My guess, given their sincere desire to sweep the truth under the rug in order to have the freedom to do what they wish without the outcry from the public, I doubt it.

For all we know, there could be the lowest number of 32,000, and yet, they are reporting 57,000 just so we blindly follow their narrative.

Do the numbers matter?

Well, considering that the 30,000 bison are on the endangered species list and protection by federal law, I would say that the number of 32,000 horses would be.

Why would 30,000 Bison be protected, but 32,000 horses wouldn’t?

Why are the wild horses treated like a pest that needs to be exterminated? Like a rat on a ship or a cockroach in a restaurant.

A 900 pound mustang isn’t any more “distructive” on the landscape than a Bison who can weigh a ton. Run a herd of bison through the land and you will have destruction. Run a herd of horses through the land and you probably won’t even be able to see a path.

thW9M6IW02Not to mention, they can’t be any more destructive than the hundreds of thousands of cattle allowed to graze on public land. Grazing that the media leads us to believe is so important for our country, but yet, only makes up for less than 3% of all beef consumed in this country. That is a pretty small number when you think that we get anywhere from 8-10% of our beef from outside the US, and it really doesn’t make sense since the horses are restricted to 27 million acres and the privately owned cattle graze on 245 million.

I think the ranchers and cattle have plenty, don’t you?

The BLM wants you to believe that horses are a problem.

In truth, though, they really aren’t.

We are just being lied to.

And the sad part is we don’t even care.

A couple of weeks ago I published a PIECE about the lack of outrage when it regards the needless death and slaughter of our wild horses. If you haven’t read and share it, please consider doing so now. THIS HORRIFIC TREATMENT FOR OUR WILD HORSES HAS TO STOP!

If you want to voice your disgust not only to the BLM, but to Oregon State University President, Edward Ray, here is all the contact information. Remember when contacting any of these people, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!!! *Information taken from the Wild Horse Freedom Federation.*

Edward Ray Office: 541-737-4133  Fax: 541-737-3033 email here:

Dean of the Veterinary College:
The Board of Trustees:
V.P. Relations and Marketing:
V.P. Research: link to email form at:
Alumni Association:  Alumuni Association Board Members:



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