BBQ Spaghetti #food #foodie #RecipeOfTheDay #4thofJuly #BBQ

untitled2With the 4th of July fast approaching, I know that everyone is gearing up their BBQ for a day of grilling.

For those seeking something different, or if after the holiday you have left over ribs (I know, I know, who ever has left over ribs?) here is a great recipe for you to try.

A friend and I came across a BBQ joint in Memphis that served BBQ and it was delicious. It’s two things you like and it’s two things you’ll like together.

It’s super easy and solely up to you on quantity.

BBQ Spaghetti

Cut off all the rib meat from the bone, chop into tiny chunks, and toss in a bowl. If the meat is cold because you’ve stored them in the refrigerator, you’ll have to heat the meat up to your desired temperature.

untitledBoil spaghetti noodles until soft, drain the water, then toss in the bowl with the rib meat and mix.

Add your favorite BBQ sauce in the desired amount

Serve and enjoy.

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