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May Book Review ~ Gracie’s Plan by Rose Lange #amreading #romance #hotromance

51GOuQqFDBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Convinced by her mother that she’s not woman enough to keep her husband, Annabelle O’Sullivan files for divorce after two years of marriage. Shortly thereafter, she enters an abusive relationship that leaves her frail, scarred, and broken. She’s convinced this kind of love is the only kind she’s worthy of.

Annabelle also never thought she’d see her ex-husband, Kade Hoffman, again. But when her Aunt Gracie passes away, she’s not only inheriting her antique shop, but that it comes with a life-changing catch: that she and her ex-husband must live together in her aunt’s cabin for two months before either can inherit anything.

Can she break down the barriers of her past and find the courage to love again?

My Review ~

Amazingly well-written, Rose Lange transports us to a tiny cabin where a divorced couple is forced to live with one another for two months as part of a stipulation of a last will and testament. Both the hero and heroine are going through problems of their own, but add on having to deal with their still sizzling feelings for another and you have a recipe for heat!

The characters were quirky and fun, and this novel is a quick read, which with having all that is on my plate is a huge bonus when finding a novel. The authors voice is clean and smooth, the transitions from POV were seamless and excellently done.

I have to admit that I struggled with the heat of the romance and love scenes. I’m not a big fan of this heat level; however, that is my own personal view and doesn’t reflect on the novel’s quality in the slightest. If you like the sizzle of a hot romance, this one will not disappoint you!!!

I give it 5 Hearts! thTW4D55S7


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