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Drax the Destroyer #dog #puppy #doglife #pets #writing #amwriting

DSCN7341 For years Hubs and I have been mulling around to get another dog–especially one that we could put through some training for not only a family companion, but for protection as well. DSCN7339

While we don’t live in a bad area out in the county, there have been occasions that have triggered thoughts of finding some extra assurance for me since I’m home alone pretty much every week day.

DSCN7356So with this in mind, we knew we wanted a German Shepherd.

I grew up with a German Shepherd. She was big, she was lovable, and she fiercely protected the family.

DSCN7351I can’t say that I’m entirely excited to go through the puppy stage. His first night I think I got maybe a total of two hours of sleep, and that wasn’t consecutively, but I suppose it won’t last long. Or I guess I should say, I PRAY it doesn’t last long. I don’t think I could take months of rough nights.

Which is another reason I didn’t want any more children. *wink wink*

So, my followers, I’d like you to meet Drax (the Destroyer).



3 thoughts on “Drax the Destroyer #dog #puppy #doglife #pets #writing #amwriting

  1. OH! He is adorable! I remember those sleepless puppy nights! I would still have another baby though if I could…but only for a day or so and then I could give it back to it’s real parent’s when I remembered how it was caring for a crying little poop machine again. 😉

  2. What a darling! My sister has a German shepherd, and he is so sweet. I love that they are intimidating in stature and attitude, but with the right training are truly marshmallows. 🙂

    I have an English setter, which we got from a rescue shelter down south. She’s such a lady, and our two cats adore her. She was bred as a hunting dog, and she keeps our yard free of moles, squirrels, turkeys, and deer! 🙂

    Good luck with the sinister puppy stage!

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