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Talk to me, Goose . . . #TopGun #30anniversary #writing #amwriting #author #romance

top-gun-oOn March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the top one percent of its pilots.

Its purpose was to teach the lost art of aerial combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the world.

They succeeded. Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School.

The flyers call it: TOP GUN.

Thirty years ago today, people lined up in theaters to see what would turn into one of the greatest movies for women to date. If you are a woman and you haven’t seen this movie . . . well, then I can’t talk to you anymore. *wink wink*

92024-shes-lost-that-lovin-feelin-gi-4Z0CIn all seriousness, the memories I have with this movie will forever live on in the back of my mind.

Every day my sophomore year in high school a friend and I would go back to her house after school. There we would play pool, drink a few beers, and watch this total eye-candy of a movie.

And of course, every day we rewinded (yes, I just dated myself with rewinding a VHS tape) THE ONE scene over and over again . . . you know the one . . . the one that lives on in infamy in women’s minds all over the world . . . THE VOLLEYBALL SCENE!!

Her and I would talk for hours of getting our PhD’s in Astrophysics and moving to Miramar when we were old enough.

Of course, later I learned that there was actually a branch of the school in Fallon, NV, literally an hours drive away. But that’s a whole other story. While Fallon is a great little town, I’ve been there, several times, and trust me when I say, it’s no place like a sunny beach town in California. The only beach is now a dried up lake out in the middle of nowhere.

tumblr_n4iq9ceOMX1qmj83do1_400I mean, seriously, how can you relive the volley ball scene without the beach?

So Top Gun is 30. Man, saying that makes me feel old. And, yet, the nostalgic side of me can’t help but get a little giddy.

A small part of me is transported back to my friends basement, playing pool, and drinking Coors Light out of a can while we talk of our future in sunny Southern California.

Talk about one of those cheesy moments of your youth that you can look back on and laugh. A memory that one day, when my daughters are old enough to enjoy the movie as all women should, they can either laugh with me or get embarrassed and leave the room.


7 thoughts on “Talk to me, Goose . . . #TopGun #30anniversary #writing #amwriting #author #romance

  1. Ha! Love this post. For me the movie was “Cry Baby” (don’t judge) and rewinding the part where Johnny Depp falls down the chute in his underwear. When I was in high school that was definitely a swoon-worthy moment. Lol Even used up a roll of 24 exposures on the movie. Not one of them turned out.


  2. Haha. And now I feel REALLY old. I was a newlywed when it came out. Funny, in my husband’s youth he was often told he looked like Tom Cruise. What’s funny about it is that I’ve never been a Cruise fan.

    When I was in HS, the entertainment I watched for the men was even more cheesy. Can you say, Starsky & Hutch? Guess which one I liked. I’ll give you a hint; I’ve never cared for blonds.

    But, I get the whole drooling thing. It actually never ends as we age, at least not for me. The TV show I drooled over when I was your age was Highlander. Ever heard of it? No, not the movie, the TV series. If you haven’t seen it, and since you love that volleyball scene, I highly recommend it. I’ve rewound that show many times.

    So, wait a minute … you played pool and drank beers when you were a sophomore in HS? Here I thought you were so innocent. 😉 I waited until I was a senior.

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