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Triple Crown Madness #horseracing #kentuckyderby #Preakness #belmontstakes #raceday

American-Pharoah2-684x488For five weeks out of the year, there is a level of mysteriousness that always seems to tickle through my veins.

Will someone win the Triple Crown this year? And, if so, who?

While there is a tiny part of me that doesn’t like horse racing, I have to admit that it intrigues me. So much so, that there is a part of me who could love to own a big ranch in Kentucky and spend my days riding, breeding, and training race horses.

Of course, with that dream floating around my head, I know there are dark secrets to the world of racing that not everyone knows.

Race horses aren’t treated like the ones in the days of Seabiscuit, Seattle Slew, and the infamous Secretariat. Horses are often drugged to keep up with the demands of training. At 2 and 3 years old, their bones aren’t really ready to handle such stress, and their bodies break down much sooner in life. Honestly, by the age of 5, unless they have had an amazingly successful career or could bring the farm a sizeable amount of money if sold, they face the risk of being sold to slaughter.

Yes, with those thoughts in mind, my ranch would probably be more of a safe haven and retirement place instead of an active racing barn.

However, even knowing the dark side of horse racing, I can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of race day. Who is going to win? And will that horse go on to win the Preakness and the Belmont? It was a long 37 years before American Pharoah finally won, will we go another 37 before it’s done again?

And, not to mention, I get caught up in the stories behind the owners and the horses.

seabiscuitSeabiscuit was a short 15.2 hand horse that was overlooked and undervalued.

Labeled as lazy and mocked for his under performance, he was sold for the rock bottom price of $8,000.00 and wasn’t considered to ever amount to anything.

With the right trainer, owner, and jockey, though, the little horse did amount to something, and by the time of his retirement on April 10, 1940, he was horse racing’s all time leading money earner.

secretariat6“I got what I wanted.” ~Penny Chenery. “You got what nobody else wanted.” ~Hollis Chenery. Secretariat is a story we know all to well thanks to the Disney movie Secretariat (good movie by the way, one of my oldest daughter’s favorites), that started with a coin toss. A coin toss. And, a coin toss that his owner lost. Yes, I said lost because according to Ogden Phipps, Penny Chenery lost…or did she?

The unwanted unborn offspring of Somethingroyal and Bold Ruler, Secretariat took to his career with near perfection and still holds all three speed records for each of the Triple Crown races, one of which, the Belmont, may never be touched. A horse that will live throughout history as the most loved and well known race horse ever, and considered the greatest race horse ever was an unwanted colt lost in the flip of a coin.

seattleslew6Seattle Slew was deemed unlikely to become great race horse and was sold for a mere $17,500.00.

While I agree with the thought of that’s actually a lot of money, it’s really not. Not in the horse racing world, especially when you consider that at the same time, the half brother to Seattle Slew sold for $13 million.

Waving off the doubters, his new owners turned him into one successful race horse that won a ton of money in his races and has sired hundreds of other winners….including….

californiachrome4-5California Chrome. Bred from a $8,000 mare and a $2,500 sire, owners Perry Martin and Steve Coburn were told they were “Dumb a$$es” for not only getting in the horse racing business, but for buying the mare and breeding two horses that obviously weren’t anything special.

While California Chrome didn’t win two years ago like everyone had hoped, recently stepped back into the world of racing with jockey, Victor Espinoza, and won the coveted $10 Million Dollar Dubai World cup


Last Saturday, May the 7th, kicked off the start of the excitement for the next five weeks. Nyquist has won the Kentucky Derby and now it’s only a matter of time before we find out if he can go on to win the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. I say good luck to him.


3 thoughts on “Triple Crown Madness #horseracing #kentuckyderby #Preakness #belmontstakes #raceday

  1. I know nothing about horses, so this was an interesting read. BTW, with all the different dreams you have … Kentucky, Alaska, etc. … you’re going to have to come back for a few more lifetimes. 😉

      1. I like reading about your dreams. They are actually not too far off from some of my dreams. We can always let our characters live out some of our dreams. 😀

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