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38 and Counting #mom #mommy #writing #amwriting #author #birthday

984039_10202589556173433_7494403484525163688_nToday is my 38th birthday. Yep, I’m another year older and another year closer to 40. Am I freaking out? No, not really. I mean, I’m going to get older and one day turn 40 whether I freak out or not, so what’s the point? Age isn’t something we can hide from or avoid so we might as well just embrace it, right? Right.

While I normally do a “goal list” on these types of posts, I have to say that aside from a few things, I’ve pretty much accomplished most of the list I had last year and I’m well on way to completing my New Years Resolutions, too.

A list right now just seems kind of boring. So instead I thought I’d do a list of 38 random things about me not a lot of people know. Angela (11)

~ I don’t like onions with certain things. I strain my spaghetti sauce to take out the onions, but yet, I LOVE the bloomin’ onion at Outback.

~ I’m a condiment queen–mayonnaise, dressing, ketchup, I love them all and the more the better.

Angela & Jennifer~ When I was pregnant with my second daughter, for a month I lived off of bacon and artichokes. One night I ate an entire package of bacon all by myself.

~ I love spicy food. The hotter the better.

~ When I was young, I took a visitor map of Marine World and made the entire park on several Lego sheets out of Legos (Picture to the left).

~ I want to live in Alaska. Out in the middle of nowhere where I can just live off the land away from civilization. Kind of like the Kilchers on Alaska: The Last Frontier.

~ But I also want to live somewhere in the French Polynesian islands like Bora Bora or Tahiti. Oh yeah, talk about polar opposites.

~ I’d love to travel, but only to Ireland, Italy, Germany, England, Netherlands, Spain, Bora Bora, Australia, and New Zealand. Everywhere else, I have no interest in. China? Nope. Japan? Nope. Thailand? Nope. France? Nope. Africa? Nope. Well, maybe going on a safari would be cool, but that’s about it.

Marine World 1990~ I’m a total hermit. I love being home and I don’t leave the house unless I really have to or the rare times I get cabin fever.

~ I can’t tie balloons to save my life.

~Brownies are my biggest weakness. Top them with cream cheese frosting and it’s even worse.

Cheerleading Photo~ I don’t like spending money.

~ I didn’t tell anyone, except the Hubs, that I was writing until a year into my first novel.

~ I want a compound bow. Badly.

~ I got picked as one of the kids to touch a dolphin at Marine World in Vallejo, California. They feel like wet rubber.

~ I’ve seen and can recite every episode I Love Lucy TV show.

First Car~ I was a cheerleader for one year in high school, my Freshman year. I both loved and hated it. I was bullied in high school and being a cheerleader just made the bullying worse.

~ My first car was a Suzuki Swift. I drove all over my home town in that little car and had a lot of fun in it.

Hawian Tropic Contest (1)~ I’ve seen and can recite every episode of the TV show Friends.

~ I competed in a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in my 20’s. Of course, my sincere hatred for speaking in public caused me to bomb the question part of the competition. But, hey, at least I can say I did it.

~ My favorite band of all time is Def Leppard.

~ I have no patience.

~ I’m a romance writer who struggles spelling the word tongue.

~ Along with wanting to live in Alaska or in some beach hut on Bora Bora, I would also consider a move to Kentucky on one of those big race horsing farms where I would raise, sell, and race horses. Or maybe some beautiful log cabin up in mountains of Montana. Or a seaside house in some tiny east coast coastal town. Yes, I realize I need to figure out what I want in life. *wink

1390653_10201429156724172_1266038066_n~ I get attached to my vehicles. I name them and I don’t like selling them. I have a GMC truck that I will never sell. His name is “Cricket” and I’ll never in a million years, not even for a million dollars would ever sell him. Currently, he has 310,000 miles on him and runs like he’s brand new because I took really good care of him.

~ Favorite color: green. Favorite number: 5. Favorite candy: Skittles. Favorite cake flavor: Cheesecake

~ I prefer white chocolate over milk or dark chocolate.

Abby~ I like fruit, but I don’t like it in stuff. I don’t like fruit pancakes or muffins. I don’t like it in my salads, either. I don’t like fruit with meat (like orange chicken) or cheese.

~ I love bacon, but I don’t like it on anything. If I get a bacon burger, I eat the bacon separately.

~ Even though I’m only 38 years old, I have a lot of gray hair and even have a skunk stripe in my bangs. Sometimes I dye it to cover the gray and sometimes I just let the silver shine like little sparkles of “experience”.

~ I’m on my second (and final) marriage. My first was right out of high school at 20 years old. I was married for 2 years before we divorced.

Angela (26)~ My first show horse was a Mustang from the Nevada mountain range named Abby. My parents bought her from a lady who adopted her as a baby after she was rounded up with her herd of wild horses and trained her in her backyard. She was an amazing little horse and I’d love to rescue some wild mustangs one day to train and give them a good home.

~ If I’m ever able to live off the income from my novels, I want to buy an RV and take a year to travel around every state in the United States.

~ I have three tattoos. A butterfly and rose on my ankle and a butterfly on my hip.

~ I purposely didn’t allow my second daughter to watch Elmo because I can’t stand him.

~ I think that Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty was a wimp. He would have never made it out of Maleficent’s castle without those three fairies.

~ I have night blindness and it’s really hard for me to drive at night.

~ I can’t stand the sound of my dog lapping up water. It literally drives me to a breaking point where I have to cover my ears or leave the room. My poor dog.


6 thoughts on “38 and Counting #mom #mommy #writing #amwriting #author #birthday

  1. Well, this was fun to read. I don’t know how you came up with so many random things. I don’t know if I could come up with so many.

    We are far apart in age, but we have very similar tastes (and opinions). Except, I can’t stand onions on or with anything. Ack! I never understood the attraction. They smell like B.O. and they make you cry. Heh. I won’t eat the Bloomin’ Onion, but I have been known to eat an onion ring or two out of someone else’s order at my table. Go figure.

    Like you, I’m a homebody but would not really like to travel unless it was through small towns throughout America. I hate to fly (which I think I remember you saying too).

    I don’t like fruit or bacon in anything either. I will only eat them by themselves. Except, I do like a BLT.

    I could go on, but I thank you for sharing about yourself. It’s interesting to learn our commonalities. Have a Great Birthday.

    BTW, I didn’t know you were married before. That sounds like a story in itself. 😉

    1. I do have to admit that I struggled coming up with so many. LOL. I only eat onions if they are fried. I think it changes the texture. It’s a texture thing with me, I don’t like the crunch in my ear. But it’s only with the onion crunch. I’m fine with chips, nuts, or anything else that crunches in your teeth. Who knows. Yes, I hate flying. I drive everywhere if I can. And I agree on the fruit on anything. I don’t do that either. I don’t eat pancakes with berries on them, I don’t eat fruit in my salad (unless it’s a fruit only salad). I have tons of stories about my first marriage, but it would be rude to that family to repeat them. Not that they would ever read this, but still. LOL. One day when I get the chance, I’ll email it to you. LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

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