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Tokala, the Fox Dog #shibainu #dogs #adogslife #familydog #writing #amwriting


On March 23rd, our dog Tokala (Two-call-ah) turned 11 years old. It’s hard to believe that he’s been with us for that long, but time doesn’t lie.

When we first started looking for a dog to add to our family, I dug into research. I wanted a smaller dog. Not like purse small, but I was living in a 500 square foot cabin at the time, so I didn’t want a big dog, either.

DSCN0091In going through the breeds, I came across the Shiba Inu. Now, up until this point in my life I had never even heard about this breed. But, all the puppies and even the grown dogs were absolutely adorable, so I decided to research them a little more.

A miniature version of the Akita, the Shiba Inu is an extremely smart dog. And for anyone who has ever owned one or spent any time with one knows this.

Tokala (6)Tokala is no exception. We always joke that he’s part human because I swear he knows English and there is always a small part of me who wouldn’t be surprised if he started talking one of these days.

When Tokala was a puppy, I took him everywhere. Not only did he tour around Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the child seat section of the cart, but he also traveled with us. Where ever we went, he went. Even to a Def Leppard concert. Well, he stayed in the hotel, of course, but the next day we took him to a dog beach in Santa Cruz.

DSCN0084Back to my point, I socialized him and trained him up the wazoo. This was partly because I didn’t have any children at the time and partly because I had read that the breed required a lot of work. So that’s what I did.

Tokala has been through a lot with our family. One child, moving across the country, another child, and traveling on several vacations. He’s been so easy fits in so well that I can’t imagine a better dog for us.


2 thoughts on “Tokala, the Fox Dog #shibainu #dogs #adogslife #familydog #writing #amwriting

  1. That’s exactly how we started with our Aussie (Piezon) back in the day. We didn’t end up having kids, but he did everything with us.

    Tokala is pretty and does sort of look like a fox/wolf. He doesn’t really look that small. From the photos, he looks the size of our Aussie, Max. How big is Tokala? Max is 53 pounds. Does “Tokala” have an English meaning?

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