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So, I have to say that I’m actually doing pretty good on my resolution of writing 500-1,000 words a day.

Some are more, while others are less. Some are easy, while others are hard.

The only real problem I’m having are those pesky days where I just don’t have it in me. The days where I lack any motivation to even look at my computer, let alone open it up and actually use my imagination to spring forth utter brilliance . . . or something remotely coherent about my story and characters.

Instead of caving into those dark days, though, I force myself to sit down and type. Those days I usually count down each word down as I go, well, because even though writing is the last thing on the plant I want to be doing in that given moment, by gosh, this book isn’t going to write itself and I have a deadline and darn it if I’m going to fail at my resolution!!!

Yeah, those words usually are deleted the next day.

But, back to my point, it’s these days that the “stall tactics” come into play. You know, like the excuses: “But I’ve got to get this promotion done” or “I really need to get these blogs scheduled so I can’t today” or “I’m just so busy that something has to go, and since, I can’t kick the kids to the curb, it has to be the manuscript” or “But it’s Friday for everyone else? Why can’t I have a Friday with weekends off?”

Yes, unfortunately, I find that I try to hide behind these excuses, when in reality, I know I could squeeze in 100 words here and there.

Whether it’s setting my alarm for an hour early, going to bed an hour late, or sending the kids off to their rooms to play peacefully for an hour after school.

No matter how I do it, there is no reason I can’t get it done, and yet, I use all the stall tactics of someone wanting to break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend only they just don’t know how to do it.

Deep down I know that missing a day or two out of 365 isn’t going to kill me or make me into this complete and utter failure. But I just can’t seem to let it go.

So darling readers, do you find that you stall some days when you should be writing? If so, how do you get past it? Or do you? Are there days where you just throw up your hands and walk away, vowing to get back to writing the next day . . . or perhaps, the next week?

9 thoughts on “Stall Tactics #writing #amwriting #author #romance #writerproblems #writertips

  1. I do the same and painfully chuck out words, counting each and everyone. I groan when I have to delete a copy and paste that I have clicked twice.
    But when my son was over he found it hard not to interrupt. So I listened to his thoughts and reflections on how he was trying to cope away from home. I couldn’t prolong staying up beyond 3am so I compromised and wrote just 440 words instead of my 1667 on some of the days.I am behind now but the smile I got from my son before he left was worth a million dollars.

  2. Love. This. And the pics LOL I am the MASTER of stall tactics and procrastinating when my heart just isn’t in it. If I was as good at writing when I wasn’t feeling like it as I am at avoiding it, I’d have several novels done by now! LOL

  3. I don’t try and stall, I actually let my stalling stop me. You’re in a much better willpower place than me. Although, the virus I’ve been diagnosed with has me not wanting to focus on anything but getting sleep. It’s a doozy according to the doctor. Can last several weeks. Anyway, not that you needed to know that, but I still don’t do as good as you when I’m well. So, you’re doing great in my book (ha, pun).

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