Living on the Farm

Taking a Garden Break #gardening #garden #homesteading #homestead

11205066_1129169207117065_6949814119591937791_nFor four years in a row I have tried, and failed, at growing a nice big garden for our family. While I had vowed this year would be the year we would finally make it happen, I’ve decided that we are going to take this year to do something first.

Pictured in this post are different ideas that I would like to take a year to put together and build.

Screens-for-raised-bedsI need better boxes, ones that are raised off the ground or have heavy wire protection from the rabbits and squirrels in our area.

Not only need more dirt for these new boxes, but I need to treat the dirt we have. Somehow grub worms have gotten through my line of defense.

Yuck. I don’t like grub worms.

thLXM5F5KVSo it is with a garden-missing, sad heart that I announce that this year, we are taking the spring and summer off from gardening so we can build exactly what we want and need.

While I’m disappointed about this, I’m not nearly as sad as I have been each year when our garden fails. There is nothing like a failed garden to make you feel like a total idiot. I mean, it’s dirt and seeds. It shouldn’t be that hard!

But of course, it has been. Very hard. I definitely will be posting updates and pictures of all our finished products! I can’t wait to get started.

If any of you guys have experience in this, I’d love to see your finished projects!


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