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Selling the Goat #homesteading #homesteader #raisinggoats #farm #farming

DSCN4418Just after Thanksgiving of last year, I did something I didn’t think I would do. I sold Sugar, our goat. In all honesty, I had been thinking about doing it for months, but I just didn’t want to actually make the decision.

Sugar was an amazing goat. She was sweet and loved the family. I could trust her around my kids, even when my youngest was just barely walking. She was an easy milker, which in the world of pygmy goats, I learned is a hard thing to find. And she was just, well, my pal.

The only problem with her is that she just didn’t give enough milk for our family. Sure, I could have gotten a few more pygmy goats, but finding ones that were easy to milk like her was difficult. I, actually, went through four of them with no luck. I could have purchased a few larger breeds, but having to keep them separated when I only have one goat pen during breeding times just wasn’t feasible.

Along with the difficulties I faced, I also had to consider that ultimately, while I loved having a goat, I really want a cow. I’ve wanted one for a long time and since this year is the year that my dream is going to turn into a reality, I had to face facts.

It was time to send Sugar on to a new family. It was sad to see her go. She was one who got very attached to us—especially, me, and I could hear her bleeting all the way down the street as they drove off. *tear

I miss her, but I know she’s happy now that she’s around other goats and I’m sure she’s making her new family very happy.


12 thoughts on “Selling the Goat #homesteading #homesteader #raisinggoats #farm #farming

  1. This is heartbreaking and I totally feel for you! Not only to love her as part of the family, but making the decision to find her a new home despite there technically not be a fault with her other than not being suitable any more. Good on you for making the tough but right call, hope your cow is as good as she was!

    1. Awe, thank you. I still miss her. But she is very happy with her new home. I know goats love to be with other goats and she was alone here. Now she has dozen of friends. I am still saving up for the cow. I hope to have one by October, but depending on the selection for sale, I might wait until spring. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m determined to own one. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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