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DSCN5913Growing up in a place that only saw snow in the winter, when I first moved to the south I was shocked the first time I went through a ice storm.

Ice storms are not like snow storms.

In snow storms if your vehicle is slipping on the road, you can put two tires on the side of the road and get some traction. In an ice storm, the side of the road is covered in ice just as the road.

DSCN5902In snow storms you can walk out to the barn without ice skating skates on. In an ice storm you slip and slid with every step. In snow storms, you can run around and play, building snowman’s and having snow ball fights. In ice storms you can’t play in it and you don’t even want to go outside.

In ice storms, ice covers everything.


DSCN5903There is no getting away from the ice.

Of course, just like most winter moments, it can be a beautiful sight to see. It quiets the world around you. It brings a sense of peace. Unless of course, you have to drive in it. Then, it’s miserable.

Warming up your car in the morning take double, if not triple, the time—especially, if it’s thick.

DSCN5900Fortunately, this winter we’ve only had two ice storms. The year we moved out here we had just missed one that had the town and the surrounding areas out of power for almost three weeks.

Yes, that’s right, people lived without power for three weeks. While I consider myself someone who would be okay with that and would see it as some type of “living in the time before electricity” adventure, I’m not so sure with two young kids and in the dead of winter, I would have liked it too much.

DSCN5905Not to mention, our house needs some modifications first. While we have a cute little fireplace that could heat the place, it’s propane and requires electricity.

Turning it into a wood-burning fireplace is one of the renovations that we need to really consider this year.

So darling followers, how many of you live in ice storm areas? And how many of you have lived through one?



3 thoughts on “Ice Storms #homesteading #homesteader #farm #farming #winter #writing #amwriting

  1. We had one ice storm this year. I could hear the pellets clapping on the windows. Not fun. It wasn’t something I remembered from when I lived here before because it rarely happened. Can’t believe it’s 60 degrees here today, in February! Stay safe from the slippery stuff.

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