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2016 Homestead Goals #homesteading #homestead #farming #farm

992853_10200533878742782_977911942_nJust as 2016 is set to be a big year in my writing career with two more published novels through my own house, Long Valley Press, 2016 is also set to be a big year in getting the Archer Homestead  up and running.

The last few years our family has been stifled by details that I won’t bore you with, but this year is going to be different. This year, we have the ability to get ahead in our plans and dreams for living a more self sufficient lifestyle.

So what are these goals?

  • Building new and better garden boxes
  • Planting a new garden and, for once, succeeding at it
  • Purchasing our first cow
  • Purchasing all the equipment to make my own cheese, cream, and yogurt from the milk from our own cow
  • Purchasing more chickens for eggs
  • Purchasing meat chickens for butchering
  • Building my own system and growing my own Fodder to feed our chickens
  • Purchasing a deep freezer
  • Purchasing and butchering a feeder pig
  • Setting money aside for a tractor and brush hog

Even though it’s February, I can’t really get started on these until April. Well, we are planning on building the garden boxes earlier, but the rest, unfortunately, has to wait due to time restraints. Of course, I’m not happy about that, but at the same time, I’m still getting it done.

And isn’t that what matters?

For those who are setting goals this year to further along your homestead adventure, good luck to you!!


2 thoughts on “2016 Homestead Goals #homesteading #homestead #farming #farm

  1. Because you don’t already have enough to do. 😉

    I’d love to be able to afford a solar generator.

    Good luck with your homesteading. From what I’ve seen, things you set your mind on doing gets done.

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