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My Publishing Ducks in a Row #writing #amwriting #romance #publishing #author

February and March are going to be very busy months for me and for Long Valley Press. Not only am I getting by ducks in a row to publish a novel, but I’ll be spending a few weeks visiting my home town.

While my novel, As the Liquor Flows is  now in it’s final editing phase, I’ve got to tackle the mounting “to do” list and I have to admit that, well, right now I’m sitting a vast sea of confusion.

And it ain’t pretty.

While I do have three published novels under my belt, unfortunately, my publisher has handled everything, leaving me a beginner when it comes to all the ins and outs of actually publishing a novel.

tumblr_nippn8jDAk1qk4nn7o1_500Nothing like that newbie feeling to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *eyeroll*

So for the sake of this post…and, well, for the sake of my sanity, I thought I’d spell out this “to do” list I speak of in hopes that doing so will bring forth an organization to it that will help me in the end.

Go me!

So here’s what I’ve done….

  • Write the novel and edit and revise as many times as deemed by me in order to finally feel as though it is finished and ready. Check and check for so many revisions and edits that I actually hate the novel!
  • Hire an editor, schedule edits, and get the novel off to the editor on scheduled date. Check, check, and check!
  • Create eBook cover and front cover to print book. Check!
  • Create “Front Matter” which is copyright disclosure and all the legal mumbo-jumbo. Check!
  • Register Long Valley Press as a partner on Book Bub, so I can run book specials. Check!
  • Register Long Valley Press on Createspace and Nook Press as a publisher. Check!

And this folks is where I’m at. So, what are the next steps, I’m planning on taking?

  • Buying ISBN numbers
  • Fill out the paperwork and send in the fee for the Copyright
  • Learning and deciding which to use for formatting—either Microsoft Word or Scrivener
  • Format the novel
  • Create my print book cover
  • Comb through the ARC for any last typo changes and fix
  • Upload to Amazon, Kobo, and Barns N Nobles for publishing

I really hope I’m not missing anything, but I suppose I’ll discover that when I go to a next step and realize I have.

So darling followers who have self published, any words of advice? Did I miss any steps?



6 thoughts on “My Publishing Ducks in a Row #writing #amwriting #romance #publishing #author

  1. If I think of any other steps that my author friend has told me about, I’ll let you know.

    I’ve been wondering if you planned to do print books and how. Are you doing On Demand, or are you having a certain amount done for stores? How’s that going?

      1. Yes, I’ll get them. But, even though I get copies from my publisher, now, I still buy my copies from Amazon. Because I have Prime, between the free shipping, my royalty, and the fact that it ups my ranking, it’s better to buy them from Amazon myself.

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