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The Return of the Friday Posts! #mom #momlife #mommy #homesteading #homestead

thBefore 2016 started, I had decided that I was going to suspend my Homesteading farm, being a mom, homeschooling, and sharing my yummy recipes posts on Fridays.

At the time, I had a lot on my plate and I believed that I needed to let something go in order to be able to continue to function. It was a hard decision, one I had the feeling I’d regret.

And I did.

Of course, my plate is still full. I still am homeschooling and trying to get our homestead up and running. I still am writing novels and as of the end of March will have four novels to promote. Believe me, the thought each morning of my daily to do list is daunting.

thA7HPD32OHowever, with that said, the whole month of January I missed my Friday posts. I actually had a lot of fun with them. Even if sometimes thinking of topics was hard. I loved sharing that part of my life with my followers.

I missed them.

And because I missed them, I’ve decided to bring them back! So starting next Friday, I will be posting on different topics about homesteading, farming, gardening, and just being a mom.



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