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Creating Cover Art and Promotional Art #writing #amwriting #writertips #romance #author

adobe-photoshopWhen I decided that I would be publishing my own titles with my own press, Long Valley Press, I knew that one of the items on my checklist would be to find a cover artist.

People are visual and because of this, aside from proper editing, having a beautiful cover is a must when trying to get your books in the hands of readers.

With that in mind, the search was on to find someone to create my covers. Website after website I searched, clicking and clicking through the tons of artists advertising on the market. Some were amazing, some not quite my cup of tea, and some in between.

Around the second or third day of looking, my head began spinning. What am I ever going to do?

And, then it happened. While I was talking about it with a friend, she said the words that turned it all around. “I can make covers on my computer photo program.”

Really? Huh.

And, it’s with these words that got me thinking. Could I design my own covers?

The answer is yes! Yes I can!

When I first set on the search for what would be a good program to use/buy/rent, I came across this FREE TOOL made by Derek Murphy which I used to first play around with the idea of whether or not I could do this. It’s not quite as detailed as Photoshop, but I have to say that in some regards, I think it’s better than Photoshop. It’s a very useful tool and I have used it not only to make the covers for my next three titles, but to also make banners, advertisements, and business cards.

Of course, it must be mentioned that because my titles are romances, the covers didn’t need any special effects and were quite easy. Now, if I was doing fantasy or paranormal, I might reconsider doing them myself. But, after finding the perfect pictures on Shutterstock, each one of them was a breeze.

So, for now, or for the next three novels I should say, the covers are done and I couldn’t be happier than I am with any of them. It’s one step closer to my first published novel with Long Valley Press and one step closer to getting Long Valley Press up and running.


For a look into the covers I’ve designed, check out the cover reveals fro . . .

As the Liquor Flows

The Parking Space

A Road Paved in Copper


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