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Happy New Year #writing #amwriting #newyears2016 #newyearsresolutions #writerslife

Happy New Year Wallpaper 2014Wow! 2016!

I can’t believe it’s 2016! Seems like just yesterday we were worried about Y2K.

Okay, so with this post, it’s once again, time to do my traditional resolutions list!!

Normally, I’ve been fairly good at sticking to my lists. Well, my lists as an author, but not the ones as a mom, wife…or in other words…as just a woman. *cough* You know *cough* like the *cough* diet and workout ones? Yeah, those haven’t quite panned out as I wanted to. I’d like to try for it this year, though.

So what are my Author Resolutions for 2016?

  • Publish my 4th novel, As the Liquor Flows
  • Publish my 5th novel, The Parking Space
  • Write everyday, even if it’s 50 words, but try for at least 500-1000 words a day
  • Take two days a month as “Writer Days” and hunker down in my favorite writing spot for several hours.

Okay, so the list is short this year, but I still think publishing two novels—and especially number 4 and 5—is a pretty hefty list in the bigger picture of life. To think that at the end of 2016, I could have 5 novels on the market after only 7 years of writing is a pretty impressive feat.

Perhaps, it’s not like Nicolas Sparks impressive or those other established authors who can write a book in a month, but hey, for me it’s still something to put a smile on my face. Not to mention, Mr. Sparks doesn’t have two young children at home that he homeschools. *wink wink*

And, now for those pesky “normal resolutions“…

  • Eat better
  • Workout at least five days a week
  • Enjoy everyday like it’s my last
  • Practice humility, compassion, and patience, daily
  • Educate my children to the best of my ability
  • Read more
  • Ride my horse more
  • Enjoy my family more

Lastly, before I go for today, are there any changes for this website to expect for this year? Yes, there actually is a big change and a small change.

After a lot of mulling over and debating with myself about this, I’ve decided to stop posting on Fridays about living on the farm and being a mom. I might pick it back up later in the year, if I find that I have the time, but for now, the posts will stop.

With everything on my plate, and now even more novels planned, the hours in everyday are just feeling less and less. Posting on a blog three times a week is becoming a little too much.

So, for 2016 this blog will consist of:

  • Monday ~ Posts about the writing world and updates about my novels.
  • Wednesday ~ Reblogged Writer Tip Wednesday from Long Valley Press

Another change for 2016 is my 12 Months, 12 Book Reviews Challenge!

Each month I will read one book and on the last Monday of the month will post my review. While I know for some people, reading a book a month is child’s play. I mean, I have friends who read two or three books a week. But, with my busy schedule, reading has dwindled on the priority list. In an effort to force myself in making time for reading, I’m challenging myself to a book a month.

So darling followers, what are all your New Years Resolutions?


One thought on “Happy New Year #writing #amwriting #newyears2016 #newyearsresolutions #writerslife

  1. I have really cut down on my blogging as I try to finish a final edit of a manuscript. I love blogging, but it becomes an excuse to procrastinate, and takes time away from bigger projects (including family care and writing novels). Best wishes for the New Year, and great success with your writing.

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