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Remembering Your 20’s #mom #mommy #mommyblogger #momslife

984039_10202589556173433_7494403484525163688_nAh yes, your 20’s.

The years of fun, carefree days and nights. The years of discovering who you are or who you want to be. The years of bad boyfriends (or good boyfriends, but bad timing). The years of bottles of wine…lots of bottles of wine. The years of cheap apartments, rolling pennies for gas, and eating noodles every night because you wanted an expensive pair of shoes. The years of finally living on your own with no rules. The years of parties until the early morning hours and weekend trips with girlfriends just because you want to get away.

The years of you.

My 20’s were spent living it up. I had a cheap place to live, my own truck, my own horse trailer, my horse was boarded at my parents, and I had absolutely no responsibilities other than my job (which as long as I got all my stuff done, I could come in late and leave early if I wanted). In other words, in the grand picture of life, I really didn’t have any responsibilities at all.

1390653_10201429156724172_1266038066_nI was young, single, and I had fun. A lot of fun. Now, for the record, I wasn’t one of those girls that went crazy with countless men, if you know what I mean or was heavy into drugs or anything like that. That wasn’t me.

With that said, though, I did love to go dancing on the weekends, I took trips to big cities for fun, drove around sometimes until the sun came up with friends.

All in all, It was a fun time in life.

Now, I’m not trying to say that I don’t have fun anymore or that my life is miserable. It’s far from it, but what I do find interesting when I think upon my 20’s is how much I’ve changed.

About a month ago, I came across my old stash of CD’s that I purchased in my youthful clubbing days. The collection of songs that were always favorites to shake my derriere on the dance floor to. Just for kicks I decided to listen to some of them, and I was actually quite surprised at my reaction.

Surely, they made me smile. Sure, I remembered every single one of them. Sure, I sang along with the words.

Hawian Tropic Contest (1)However, they also made me take a pause and think. “Dang, these are actually quite offensive—especially to women. I can’t believe I danced to these like they were the greatest songs on the planet!”

Wow. Where did that thought come from? Did I seriously just mock my former self?

I know that having kids and getting older naturally changes your mind on the things, however fun and stupid, you did before you had said kids. But, I was actually a little shocked by how much.

I haven’t been dancing in over twelve years. TWELVE YEARS!!! Where in the world did those years go?? In about five months I’ll turn 38 years old. And, while I know that’s still young, it’s shocking to me to even utter that number. I remember my parents at 38. My parents are supposed to be 38, not me.

As my oldest daughter gets older, I see my former self in her. The carefree girl that will do all the things I did a long time ago. Not only do I hope she does them, well some of them, I mean, *cough* I’m not completely innocent, *cough*, but I hope she lives her 20’s as she wants to. If it’s a husband and kids, great. And, if it’s a cheap apartment, dancing to her favorite songs, and weekend trips to someplace fun, great, too. As long as it’s what she wants.

Because isn’t that what your 20’s is for? You.


6 thoughts on “Remembering Your 20’s #mom #mommy #mommyblogger #momslife

  1. My two daughters are now in their 20s, and while their lives couldn’t be more different from each other’s, each reminds me of my own 20s in different ways. Some of my favorite conversations with them are when I tell a story about something I did in my “youth” and they say they feel better knowing what they do or feel is just a normal part of being a 20-something. Yep, those were some good times!

    1. Yeah, it’s certainly going to be interesting as my daughter grow up as to what our conversations will entail. Even now, I see the difference and the oldest is only 8. Sometimes, I have a hard time with things. I can’t imagine how it will be in 10 years. It kind of scares me. I’m ready for them to grow up, and yet, I’m not ready, either.

  2. Oh boy, fun topic, and you’ll get me blabbing away on this one. You are beautiful, btw. I always pictured you with dark hair because of the black and white profile photo.

    I did much the same in my twenties, except, the clubs I went to had local rock bands. I’ve always been a rocker chick, but like you, I wasn’t one of those crazy party girls. Also like you, I wasn’t completely innocent. Mostly, I didn’t do drugs or sleep around, but I did my fair share of drinking.

    Sigh. I’m much older than you. I thought we were a little closer in age because you are so grownup. For you it seems, having children matured you. For me, NOT having children matured me. I didn’t find myself until I was closer to your age, because that’s when I had to come to accept we weren’t going to have kids. It forced me to look inside and question what I really wanted if I wasn’t going to be a mom. I had to find Lori, the person who wasn’t a daughter, a sister or a wife, and someone who would never be Mom. I grew emotionally and spiritually in that time in my life. I’m always a work in progress, but that issue in my life woke me like a slap in the face.

    Did you get flashbacks when you put on the music? Since I moved back, when I hear the rock songs on the radio from my time and pass familiar haunts, it’s like I’ve entered a time warp!

    Sorry for the long comment. This one got me thinking too much. 😛

    1. Yep, same here. No men and drugs, but lots of booze. LOL. My hair has darkened over the years, but that’s mostly because I used to dye it with blonde and now I keep it dark to cover the grey. Unfortunately, I inherited early grey from my mom’s side of the family. Although, I had a lot of fun, I was still responsible. I still did my job to the best of my abilities, I still paid my bills, I still obeyed laws and didn’t get into trouble. I don’t know what it was, but I just never wanted to disappoint my parents, so the responsibilities I did have, I stuck to. All in all, I’m glad I had the fun I did.

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