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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe ~ Decisions, Decisions #writing #amwriting #author

TheWomanPaintedH2_850When it comes to publishing a novel authors have several choices to make. Whether it’s to publish traditionally through a big publisher with the help of an agent, with a smaller house without the help of an agent, or to skip all those options all together and self publish.

All choices come with benefits and drawbacks, as well as both frustrations and enjoyment. And, it’s up to the author to know what is right for them and their novel. No one, but you, knows what is best for you, and only you can decide which road to travel down.

But, what if you can’t decide? What if you are torn in two different directions because of different reasons and you are literally at a crossroads looking down both sides?

A little over two months ago, I posted “No Print For You!” about publishers deciding not to offer their authors a print book option anymore.

Shockingly enough, after writing the piece, I learned that my own publisher is one of these publishers that has made such a choice. In stead of releasing print copies a few months after the eBook releases, the contract terms have changed and the publisher only offers a print option at her discretion (which I’m taking to mean, unless the book is a huge, huge success).

Of course, I am not bashing my publisher for this choice. As I said in the post a couple of months ago, it is their business and their choice, and I still stand by that statement. What I am saying; however, is that this choice has caused me to make an crucial decision for my future novels.

While to some having a print option might not be that important. I have to say that, I, am not one of them. Print books are very important to me. Not only do I love print books and will chose one over an eBook any day, but having my novels available for print is at the top on my publishing priority list. So it is with that, that I have decided not to submit any more novels to Soul Mate Publishing.

Of course, they are a wonderful publisher. They treat their authors great, have beautiful covers, are easy to work with, have lighting speed turnaround, and not only have an awesome staff, but the other authors are simply amazing. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better group of other writers whom I now cherish as friends.

SmallerAnd, I absolutely LOVE my editor. I don’t think I even have the words to fully convey the relationship I have with her. I couldn’t have dreamed or imagined a more perfect person than her to be my editor.

Even with all the good, though, I know I have to do what is right for me. Fortunately, I know that means walking away from my publisher. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what I’m walking toward at the moment.

While half of me is screaming to start stretching my Long Valley Press wings, the other half of me is tempted by this little flicker of interest in submitting to an agent so I could hook a bigger fish.

It’s a thought that I can’t seem to shake.

At least, it’s not until I really start thinking about it…sort of.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m not a very patient person. It’s hard enough to wait for the whole process even when my publisher gets it done within seven or eight months of the contract. To think that a larger publisher could take a year or even two to release a novel is sending me over the edge.

And, that’s after I go through the process of hunting for an agent and even if I can sign with one. Sure, it would be a dream to write for a bigger publisher. But, to think of a 2016-2017 contract and 2018-2019 release date is…well…

Nope, I just can’t do it. I can’t even think about doing it. Nope. No way. No how.

So of course, with that you’d think that I would then just decide to publish it under my own house. I mean, that’s why I founded the business in the first place, right? That’s why I legalized the name, acquired my state and federal tax ID numbers, created the website, and did all that work to launch the business? To publish my novels.

WhereBlackRosesGrow (2)So what’s the hold up? Why is this an issue?

Uh, did I mention how intriguing a bigger fish is? Sure, they could very easily reject me, but isn’t it worth a shot, right? I mean, what if they say yes?

Of course, there is also the option of trying another smaller publisher where the wait wouldn’t be as long. But, I think at this point in my career, I’m either going to go big or do it myself.

Since I hope to have it done by the end of this month, I guess, it’s time to start figuring out what I want to, or can, do with it. I’m hoping the old childhood game of Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe will help seal the deal….



3 thoughts on “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe ~ Decisions, Decisions #writing #amwriting #author

  1. Always have my own less-than-two-cents to share. I personally don’t think you’ll have a problem finding an agent with such a good resume behind you now from you already published novels. Not to mention, your writing talent. On the other hand, yes, a big publisher would have a much longer turn around. The problem for me in self-publishing is $$$$$. I just tried hiring a good editor who wanted to charge me $1,700 to do my entire 86,000-word novel. I don’t have that kind of cash on hand, nor do I want to go that deep in debt. Especially when you consider that I’ll have to pay for ISBN, book cover, print books if I want them, and other countless expenses. But, that’s my problem, not yours.

    I look forward to learning what you decide to do. Good luck with the decision making.

    1. Either way you pay. Whether it’s out of your pocket our out of your royalties. Neither option is free. $1700 is actually a pretty fair price. There are editors out there who are cheaper. I have names if you’d like. I, too, have an editor I’d love to use, but I can’t afford her right now. I’m hoping with enough books under my belt I can use her in the future. If you go through Createspace and don’t mind Amazon holding the ISBN, those are free. Because I’d use Long Valley Press, I’d be paying for those. 1 is $125 or 10 for $250. As for covers, I’ve been toying with doing my own myself. Of course, not everyone can do that. My friend got hers for $55.00. Yes, self is a pretty penny. But, I also know how much I would have made vs what I actually made from all my sales with my books with my publisher. Seeing those numbers is probably more deflating than knowing the upfront cost. I’ve actually made my choice, but that announcement won’t be until after the New Year.

  2. Thanks for this info, Angela. Yes, I would like the names of a couple of editors if you can send them. I also toyed with my own book cover, but I was terrible at trying to create them. Nothing came out looking professional. I’m also not real sure about what to do for a cover. I have a friend from my critique group back in Florida who is an artist and created beautiful covers of her own. She is busy enough with her own writing though, so wouldn’t dare ask her to help me with mine. She did offer to help me learn how to upload to Kindle though. Like you, she went the route of a small publisher with her first few books. After she left there, she self-published and is actually selling more books now than with the publisher. She writes fantasy series, so that helps with sales.

    I’ve been thinking about entering Kindle Scout, but for that, I need my book edited and my own book cover. Can’t afford it right now. So, more submitting to small publishers for me. Probably will do it after the first of the year.

    If you don’t have my email for those editors names, let me know. Thanks. I look forward to your announcement.

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