The Joys of Christmas Stress #MerryChristmas #Christmasshopping #Christmas #mom #mommy

 1939736_10203769682060146_4562268001852032130_nYes, I’m about to go there.

I’m about to remind you that you have less than a month to finish your Christmas shopping—21 days, in fact. Ha!

I’m sorry, and yet, I’m not sorry. For those who haven’t finished, I feel your pain. I haven’t finished either.

So with that, I think I wrote this more as a punishment to myself. It’s massocistic, I know, but I guess we need to be a little now and then to help us get our butts in gear.

I, for one, love the holiday season. Of course, my “holiday season” begins at Halloween and runs through New Years Eve. I love it all, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. You can have spring, you can have summer, I don’t care, I love the Fall, and the older I get, more the winter, as well. It’s shocking, I know, but it’s true.

I don’t like living in Oklahoma’s 100 degree summer heat—not even with the comfort of friends pool if I ever have the need. Sure, I enjoy sitting outside in the springtime while the kids play, but if given the choice, I’d rather live where doesn’t ever get over the 80’s during the hottest part of the year. Hello, Alaska. And, now you know one of the reasons I’d love to live there.

But, back to my point, while the tasks of Christmas shopping, mailing cards, hanging lights and decorating the house, and all the holiday baking stress out some, it doesn’t really stress me out. Sure, I have moments where I can feel overwhelmed, but for the most part, I try to soak in the experience rather than dread it.

Growing up, my parents never let me believe in Santa Claus. I never really knew why, and I’ve never asked, but I knew that when I had kids, I wanted to do that different…or at least, a little differently. Of course, in our house will still believe, talk about, and focus on the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season. However, with that said, I’m also one of those parents who allows the belief in Santa Claus until they decide they don’t want to believe anymore.

10888548_10204255679705480_991673610736149036_nI know that some would scoff at that, but I don’t really care.

For me, Christmas is holiday season to spend with my family. Even if as I type this my kids are driving me insane. Sure, I get to spend every day with them, but there is just something different about the holidays. I think it’s because of the traditions.

From throwing glitter and oats in the snow for the reindeer, to putting sprinkles and frosting on Cherrios…er, I mean Elf donuts for the Elves, to reading Twas the Night Before Christmas—all the little touches to every year that renew a sense of peace, hope, and love.

It’s the joy of the Christmas stress….



4 thoughts on “The Joys of Christmas Stress #MerryChristmas #Christmasshopping #Christmas #mom #mommy

  1. Angela,
    First, I’ve barely even started my Christmas shopping. Second, I love the idea of frosting on Cherrios, though–wow!–that takes nimble fingers! Your post is a great reminder to soak in every moment of quiet joy, especially with our kids. After a long day of cleaning house to get ready for decorations last weekend, I finally sat down and “helped” my kids put up their tiny Christmas Town scene. Mounds of worn newspaper and boxes later, seeing them together discussing all the conversations going on in the “town square” was exactly what I needed.

    Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Hi Christi, Thanks for stopping by! I’ve actually gotten most of the shopping done, but I still have four people to still finish. Yes, the Elf donuts are a blast for the kids to do. I tried to upload a picture of them, but for some reason WordPress isn’t allowing the picture. They are hard to frost, but they look so cute on the plate. My husband always makes me wait until the first weekend of December for decorations, so we have yet to get our tree or pull the boxes from the attic. I hope to do that this weekend. I’d love to have a town and as a mom, I can completely understand seeing those moments. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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