Saving Money on your Thanksgiving Dinner #Thanksgiving #turkeyday #givingthanks

thI2QWPXXBWith the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner rising every year, a lot of families are wondering how to cut those rising costs and still have a wonderful meal.

So with this, I thought I’d share some of my tips on how to save some money on one of the biggest dinners of the year!

Out of all the dinners planned every night, Thanksgiving is one of the most important of all, and one of the most expensive. Whether you are planning a meal for twenty, ten, or just a family of four, saving money on your Thanksgiving dinner in this economy is a top priority.

Is saving money on such an enormous, important dinner even possible? Yes, you actually can.

Side Dishes and Appetizers ~ Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing (or dressing depending on where you are from), green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, the list of side dishes goes on and on with the countless different recipes. While they are all believed to be needed to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, one can’t deny that the amount of left-overs having all these side dishes create is overwhelming. By cutting your side dishes to just the absolutely necessary not only cuts your left-overs, but also cuts your meal cost.

Stuffed mushrooms, artichoke cheese dip, baked brie, deviled eggs, and roasted ship cocktail are all delicious, mouth-watering appetizers. But just as with downsizing on the side dishes, cutting down on the number of appetizers you serve will cut the cost of your meal.

If your heart is set on a large variety, though, arranging for a pot luck meal and asking guests to bring certain dishes will cut your cost while allowing a table full of food.

Cut Coupons ~ A few weeks prior to the big day, most items needed for your Thanksgiving feast will be on sale. Not only will shopping for the best deals save you money, but tracking down coupons from such places as Red Plum, Smart Source,, and Coupon Suzy, or going to the manufacture websites, will cut the cost even more. One side note tip: don’t over look coupons just because they are ‘for two’ of the item. Even if you don’t need two at the time, buy both now and set the extra aside for your Christmas dinner.

Natural Decorations ~ Do you have leaves scattered across your yard? Or your child’s school Thanksgiving projects pasted all over your refrigerator? While store purchased decorations are pretty, homemade decorations you either make with your kids as a family, or your kids make for you, bring an added touch that no store purchased decoration could.

Just as with any holiday or special occasion, planning and imagination are the keys to successfully saving your wallet from shock. Happy Thanksgiving!



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