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The $5.00 Bunny #mommy #momlife #mommyblogger #parenting #mom

20150916_081013It all started rather randomly, although I suppose that figures. Doesn’t the best stuff always seem to happen unexpectedly or innocently?

Just before Easter of 2009, I was combing through all the stuffed animals at Walmart.

Of course, there were hundreds of bunnies to choose from, along with chicks, bears, dogs, and I believe a few cats in all different sizes. Finally after what felt like an hour, I found this really cute looking white bunny and threw him in the cart.

Little did I know at the time how important that little $5.00 bunny would become.

My oldest had him first. In 2009, she was just over two years old. She loved that bunny, called him “Bunny” and along with her favorite blanket, he went everywhere with her long after the Easter holiday.

The love of her life, aside from her parents, he’s gone to various restaurants in Oklahoma, traveled to Reno a bunch of times, has gone to all her friends houses, and even went Trick or Treating a few Halloweens.

He went everywhere.

Including, much to my dislike, her daycare, which is where we lost him.

I’ll never forget that first night, or the month of them afterwards. I don’t think she has cried for anything else in life more than she cried for that bunny. I spoke to all the daycare workers, begging them to comb the facility for the bunny, as well as asked other parents if maybe their children brought it home by mistake. Nothing. No bunny. My daughter was crushed.

I tried to find a replacement. I searched every Walmart, and any other store I could think that would have them, I could that next Easter for another one just like him. They have to have one, right? I mean, don’t they just bring them back out of storage every year? Yes, I know they get fresh shipments, but don’t they keep the overstock from the previous year in order to try to sell all they can?

Apparently, not.

And, then one fateful morning, seven long months later, we walked into the daycare, and there was Bunny, sitting on a table of items that the daycare was donating later that day. Whether he had been there all along, or someone had brought him in (the daycare had been asking for donations for the week before), I don’t know. And, it’s something I will never know.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter. We had Bunny back.

Over the years, my oldest grew out of the stuffed animal phase as her toys and interests have changed. Although, she never wanted to throw Bunny away, he got stuffed into the storage bin with all the other animals and was shoved under her bed.

That is, until a few weeks ago when my youngest daughter found him, and has since claimed him for her own.

Just as with my oldest, this little $5.00 bunny is now the love of someone else’s life. Once again, he’s got a little girl who loves him and along with her favorite blanket, takes him everywhere. I don’t think I will ever understand the power of this bunny, but I suppose it’s not for me understand.

It’s just for me to be grateful. Grateful that they both can have something that they love and that brings them so much comfort and joy.

Who would have thought that thing would be a $5.00 stuffed bunny from Walmart.


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