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Early Morning Delusions of Progress #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

12017701_1057514757627000_8340795451741157955_oIn an effort to finish my edits for When the Black Roses Grow and the final draft of my fourth novel, As the Liquor Flows, I started waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning again.

Am I insane?


But in a house with two young children,  homeschooling said young children, taking care of farm animals, and cooking, cleaning, and laundry, finding time to write has always been a difficult endeavor for me.

So it’s either get up early, or put my writing career on hold until my kids have lives of their own—something that just isn’t going to happen.

When I started The Woman on the Painted Horse, getting up at 4am was easy thanks to the magic powers of coffee. Ah, coffee. My friend. My Mr. Reliable. My Lying Whisperer in the wee hours with delusions of progress at such an straight-jacket inducing hour of the day.

FB_IMG_1424374368970Me: “I don’t think I can wake up and put pen to paper…er, fingers to computer. I can’t write this early.” Coffee: “Sure, you can, and you will. You are awesome and I am awesome, and with me, together we will do this.”

Fast forward a few years; however and my, once friend, had turned foe on me.

Being diagnosed with peptic ulcers meant I had to give up my morning coffee. Wait…what? Yep. It’s true. I remember picking myself up off the floor after the doctor told me. *Sigh* But, what is that horror going to do to my early mornings? *for the answer see the elephant on the bottom of the top picture*

Suffice it to say, 4am became a lot harder to enjoy and for that reason, we ended our relationship for the better part of a year. It was a sad day, and it was one LONG year.

12219_803175296387843_8053974942374579728_nFortunately, I’ve since found out that my ulcers have healed. And, because of this, along with the help of a spoonful of honey, a few droppers of ginger root, and a magical, little white pill I take every day, I have started allowing myself a cup of my Mr. Reliable once more.


Hello, 4am. I’ve missed you.

And, I’ve missed my early morning progress.

With the sudden burst of caffeine back into my life, my end of the day word count has doubled, even tripled. I used to struggle for even 250 words a day, now I’m ending my days anywhere from 1,800-2,500. It’s amazing and I’m well on my way to achieving my goal to finish this novel before December 1, 2015!!

I guess you can say that while I once was the elephant on the bottom, I’m now the elephant on the top!



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