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Our Kids aren’t Our Own Anymore #parenting #parents #mom #mommy #MomLife

69526_4194149825344_1457402910_nThere has been a new trend happening in the good ole’ USA, and it’s not a good one. News stories are flooding state and local news stations and what they are all saying, what they all have in common, is a very real problem for parents. For the record, I’m not talking about Free-Range Parenting. But, what I am talking about is that…

Our kids aren’t our own to raise as we see fit and we aren’t allowed to excuse them from missing school.

Apparently, they now belong solely to the Government and we, as parents, have to mind our P’s  and Q’s if we don’t want to lose them.

Now, before I go any further, I know there really are bad parents out in this world. Believe me, I’m not blind to the abuse countless children face every day. Whether because of drugs, alcohol, or poverty, kids who face hardships and live tragic lives should be removed from the situations they are in. They deserve something better. They deserve a happy, stable home and all the comforts of supporting, loving parents. It is my hope and prayer that they receive what they deserve.

However, that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. More and more news stories are popping up about good, caring, and loving parents who are at the tail-end of the trend where the state and federal government are sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.

And, what it’s starting to say is what I said above—our kids aren’t ours anymore.

Don’t believe me?

Do you have a kid in public school? Well guess what, you better adhere to their vacation policy.

Because, if you don’t, you could be arrested like the Georgia mother who was arrested and faces charges because her son’s school is saying he had too many unexcused absences from school. Yes, you read that right, she was arrested. Why? Because her son was sick one too many days. And, instead of the school taking her word for it (because you know us mothers don’t really know when our kids are sick) they required a doctor’s note—an expensive doctors note, that anyone with crappy health insurance knows, having another $150 doctor bill isn’t something that everyone can afford.

Perhaps, you kids weren’t sick, but perhaps, you wished to take them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. A vacation that you wanted to share with them for very special reasons to a major U.S. city where they can partake in history. Well, instead of being met with support, you could be met with a letter from the Principal, like Pennsylvania father, Mike Rossi who received a letter from the Principal of his daughter’s school about taking his twins to the Boston Marathon, and threatening him with violations against their attendance if it happens again. Heaven forbid we want to take our children someplace where they could get an education, learn about our country, and be apart of history. No, no, that should only be in the classroom, anymore.

And, this trend doesn’t just stop at school. But, apparently, we don’t have a say in their home and family life either.

Not but a couple of months ago, two Florida parents were slapped with felony charges after a nosy neighbor called the cops. The reason? Their 11-year-old boy was playing the their own backyard for 90 minutes by himself. Of course, the cops and CPS claimed the boy didn’t have access to any shelter, water, or food since he was locked out of the house. However, there was a shed with two sinks and outside hose for water. He had a snack with him, but he had already eaten it before the cops arrived. He could have peed in the bushes, considering the cop did just that while they waited for his parents to get home, and if there was any emergency obviously, there was a neighbor close by that could have helped him. I mean, she was right there sticking her nose in his business anyway. Not to mention, this is an 11-year-old we are talking about, not a helpless toddler. In all honesty, I think that being removed from his parents and being put into Foster Care probably had more of an emotional and mental impact on the boy and his brother than playing by himself in his own backyard for an hour and a half.

Want to go camping this summer? You might want to reconsider how long you go and what your camping living conditions are.

Why? Because two months ago, a Michigan couple lost their five children for nearly 30 days because they went camping on their own property. Camping! On their own property! The couple owned a home in town, had access to a Walmart which was within reasonable driving distance, and had purchased passes to the state park that was next to the property they were buying and camping on. With the state park pass they had access to showers and restrooms, however, even with the passes, they were well prepared with food (and even some animals to produce food like chickens), clothing, tents, and even a generator. Their desire was to spend a summer camping with the family; however, according to Michigan that was a crime. You can’t camp for as long as you like anymore, apparently. The cherry on top of this crap sundae? The only reason the parents got their children back from Foster Care was because of the mother’s Native American heritage. Not because the cops and CPS overreacted and made a mistake.

Funny how up until the 1900’s, American’s lived in little cabins, harvesting their own grown food without power or running water, and yet, they lived just fine. Heck, they probably were closer as a family because of this than most are today with their noses glued to their phones, tablets, or watching TV.

But, apparently, according the government, we can’t do that anymore. We can’t do anything anymore except everything they TELL us to do.

Be on guard, parents! Any wrong step and CPS will swoop in and take your kids.



6 thoughts on “Our Kids aren’t Our Own Anymore #parenting #parents #mom #mommy #MomLife

  1. I remember my mom taking us out of school for a few days to throw us into a car and drive to Niagara Falls to see it shut off. She said it was a once-in-a-life opportunity, as they were diverting the river to shore it up. Travel, she said, in any case, is broadening and educational.

  2. I’ve also been worried that they are going to take away the option of homeschooling and force parents to send their kids to public schools (who can’t afford private). This stuff really bothers me, and I don’t even have kids.

    1. It’s definitely scary. I’m thankful that Oklahoma is a very homeschool friendly state and I don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops. I’ve never really wanted to live in another country, but I might consider it if they do something drastic like that.

  3. We’re glad we had our child during a time that was more open to parents parenting. Would not want to be a parent today as the idea of it takes a village to raise a child has become messed up.

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