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thK837DMMBLast Friday I wrote a post about the opinions of others when it comes to homeschool. What started out as that, morphed into writing a post about the new trend in parent shaming—a detour, if you will, so in an effort to keep to my point, instead of going off in a completely different direction, I thought I’d touch on the subject in a different post.

Between breast vs formula, homeschool vs public school, working vs stay-at-home, and free range vs helicopter—this parent shaming trend is completely out of control.

And, it needs to stop.

Like many women out there, I’ve had to make the this vs that choice when it comes to raising my kids. My kids were both bottle fed with formula. Of course, I exhausted the breast feeding effort, first, but in the end, I failed at it.

I worked outside the home for nearly four years while my oldest went to a daycare facility, and then later attended school and daycare. After two years in a public school, I pulled my oldest daughter out and began homeschooling.

My oldest was fed Gerber baby food, while my youngest was fed with homemade baby food because I had more time. And, while I don’t hover over my kids all day, the thought of sending them down the road without me scares the  you-know-what out of me.

With all of those choices, I have to say that none of them were easy. Why? Because nothing about being a parent is easy. Well, I suppose loving them is, but I’m pretty sure that’s about it.

Parenting is hard.

It’s even harder when you are being shamed and judged for every choice you make for your family! Or, when you have to worry about random strangers walking up to you in public to tell you that you’re doing something wrong.

First, it’s not any of their business. People seriously need to learn to keep their big noses out of other peoples business. Second, instead of shaming each other, we should help each other. Why? Because, in the end, we are all just parents trying to do best for our kids.



6 thoughts on “End parent shaming #mom #mommy #MomLife #parenting

  1. I remember the day my two-year-old daughter decided to have a full-blown temper tantrum outside the grocery store. I don’t remember why she was so upset, but I remember I wouldn’t give in to whatever her demand was, so I sat down next to her on the sidewalk and let her complete her hysterics. As people walked by, I could tell those who were parents with young children because they were the only ones who gave me a sympathetic look and an encouraging smile—everyone else either looked on with undisguised disapproval or offered “helpful” suggestions for a better way to parent. Being a parent is hard, and feeling superior to another parent is incredibly unfair; you never know what that other mom or dad is dealing with!

    1. I’ve had those moments…on both sides. The mom dealing with problem children in public and witnessing a mom with problem children in public. I think my favorite part about it, is hearing people without kids say “my kids will never act like that.” LOL. Yeah, keep dreaming.

  2. I taught elementary school without children of my own for 7 years. Stayed home and raised three very different children who are now teens. Taught 3 and 4 year old preschool for the past 11 years… I have to say, I’ve seen and heard just about everything AND learned a lot.
    Parents learn while doing. Outsiders (and family) can help and give advice, but in the end the parents make the decisions. There is no right or wrong way to feed, teach, or love a child. You simply do it to the best of your ability.
    Thanks for the great blog post—you go girl!

    1. Advice from friends and family are usually great and welcomed. Strangers who come up to me in public….not so much. LOL. A friend of mine was recently screamed at and told she was a horrible mother that didn’t deserve her son because she had to have an emergency C-section. I would have lost it. LOL

  3. I don’t have kids, so anything I say will probably sound like I’m budding in. But, I’ll say it anyway. Each generation has probably had it’s own struggles with raising kids, but today I can’t imagine how parents protect them from outside influences. Immorality is rampant, and with technology, it’s way too easily accessible. On top of that, the government wants to tell parents how to raise their children. Did you ever hear about that couple that let their kids play at the park and had them taken away from them? I can’t imagine how hard it is to raise kids today. I commend you for making those hard decisions.

    1. I actually have a post coming out next week about how it seems our kids aren’t ours to raise anymore and how the Government is more and more trying to take control over everything we do. LOL. It is hard keeping them from all the crazy in the world and even when we do all we can, sometimes it’s still not enough.

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