Back to School #momlife #mom #mommy #homeschooling

IMG_553682966559756Well, it’s been a fun two months off, but starting next Monday, we are back to school on Archer Farms!

I’m both looking forward to this year, and dreading it a little, all at the same time.

I’m going on my 3rd year of homeschooling my oldest. I’ve had good days and bad days. You know, the days where you either love it more than anything in the world, or you lock yourself in your bedroom so you can bury your face in the pillow to muffle your screams.

Yeah, I’ve had those. And, probably more than I care to admit.

Not only is the oldest in a bigger, more complex program, but I’m starting the youngest, too. It’s not much, I’m just starting her for about 30 minutes a day with both Preschool workbooks and I’ve had mixed feelings about that program, but the few times I’ve had her on it, she’s absolutely loved it. Not to mention, she’s more advanced than other kids her age because of it.

So I guess in the end, it’s good for her.

The program I’m using for the oldest is different than what I’ve been using. For the first two years, I used the online program at Time4Learning. All in all, the program was decent. It taught her a lot and was very user friendly. My only problem with it, was it did more of a common core type lessons and it was all computer. While I want her to learn how to use a computer, I would rather her do more handwritten work this year.

After a lot of research, I came across the Accelerated Christian Education program. It’s a Christian based program and in reading through the books, I know it will be a good fit for us. Of course, it’s a little bit more detailed, so between it and the other activities I have planned our days are going to be longer than the usual 2 hours we’ve been doing for the last 2 years.

So here is to another year! Hopefully, we will have more good days than bad. Hopefully, my kids will learn what they need. And, hopefully, we will end the year with a graduated 3rd grader and Preschooler (even if she will only be 3 years old).


3 thoughts on “Back to School #momlife #mom #mommy #homeschooling

  1. Well, you know now neither the computer or Christian styles work for you (volume-wise). Neither would be for me. I am pro physical book, play outside, etc. And am of strong faith but do not believe religion properly interprets how spirituality works. I’ve learned a lot about separating God/Jesus from religion and it fits me like a glove. 🙂 Course-wise, I wonder if you asked your nearby school for your state’s curriculums, except you implemented it at home. My greatest roadblock for excellent grades and happy experiences was environment and time more than content.

    Too much math and sports emphasis did nothing for me but the main thing was doing something for a non morning person and my free spirit. Although you would have to organize home school time into a routine that keeps everyone at it, there is leeway for slow days and also inspiration. In Manitoba, if you were reading Gabrielle Roy or Margaret Laurence and wanted to visit the museums that have been made of their houses, you can go. Whatever curriculum you work into your lives you are ahead of rigid material, limited movement, arriving on the dot, a crusty teacher, peer crap, and staleness of classrooms.

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